ViparSpectra 600 LED


Does anybody happen to know the specs on this light? Long shot as the “manual” didn’t say much about the difference between the veg switch and the bloom switch Have an auto that’s 3-4 weeks old can I run the bloom setting now or what til flowers show uo


You want to run both switches in flower. This is what I do. I run 18/6 on big light and 24/0 on side light. Run both switches after 4th week.


I’m just curious why you do that? I would leave it on 24 if I was going to do that

From the limited experience that I have with autos I found they did really good on 20/4, but that’s just my preferred cycle


Manufacturers recommended. It’s an expensive light and I don’t want to burn it out sooner than later. The side light is a Taotrinics led and it gives the inside constant light. So far its working good.


I got you !

… I guess what I meant is rather than do that I would give it a dark period, but I really don’t know much about that type light anyway so it sounds like you’re doing the right thing, good luck! :thumbsup:


I was going 20/4 but have been forgetting so it’s in 24/0 lately. I have a cheap 45 watt led panel- that’s all I know about it. Do you think that’s doing anything for side lighting?


Show a pic? Also that light doesn’t have UV and IR?


Can’t find any decent info on it. Was cheap just don’t know if it’s doing anything at all. If my 600 watt is 272 actual I don’t think 45 watt dwindles down to much


Yeah I’ve seen those. Not sure of what they do or how much they put out.


I’d love to know how that LED performs for you! I always see those cheap ones and wonder if they actually work well?


Agreed. I wanna know too


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ViparSpectra works great and was only $200. Little one is an erligpowht (idk lol) was $40 on Amazon think it’s $30 now It’s what I originally had over an auto NL supplemented with cfls. Now it’s a sidelight hard to test really maybe I’ll have to grow something under it to see if it lives. I sure don’t believe the company pictures lol.


Me personally I would stay away from Mars. Those led don’t have the key element in their spectrum. UV and IR. I believe Via has that. Before I got my 2 platinum led I was checking via very hard. My 3rd led will be the 99$ galaxy hydro.


I used it in a tiny grow space last time and plant wasn’t stretchy so maybe it’s enough but plant really took off with newer big led


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Which did you get?


they are very red bias. I tried to use 3 of them in a seed box but the plant all grew long and thin and the green went to seed.
It cant hurt for extra light but expect too much and you will need to place the panels with in 300-200mm
if you are after extra light cheap and low power have a look at the cheap 300w led lights.
They are really only 90w and they only have blue and red but for extra light they are really good and if you look around you can get them for under $80 each and I have grown under them alone and they work. don’t try and grow anything under the flat 45s that are really around 18w.
I am looking at two of the 300s for side light for a grow box I am building and I will place them on timer to make the plants move like they outdoors.


Looking forward to seeing what you create!!!


I am growing these under one of the 300s I am talking about I have 3 chilies and 2 tomatoes in the same grow box and have had more tomatoes and chilies then a can use.
I paid $76 my money so you should be able to get one for under $50