Viparspectra 450 PAR

my question is i built a 2x3x3 1/2 box and would like to know should i use this led light or cfl lights. if cfl how many should i put in there, (23 watt = 100 watt) i can fit a max of 3 plants but thats pushing it. thanks dd.

I am using a 450w Viparspectra (non dimmable) in a 3x3 and though it worked fine for Veg I can tell it isn’t enough for flowering (both bloom and Veg switches are on since the plants were 3 weeks old). I plan on upgrading to this:

It’s has been recommended by a few users on this forum @dbrn32 @MattyBear @elheffe702

Edit: 2 of them like @Ron330 would have been better if I had known, but rather than buy another I am going to try the QB and throw the Viparspectra in my other tent with my Cobs for early Vegging


Thanks man! Your knowledge is always very helpful! So I have a descent buget for up grading my lights, The goal is to get a better yield! But I wanna be cost effective on the electric bill in the long run!
Your thoughts???

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Do you have a grow journal going? Tag me there so I can see what you’re currently working with, and we don’t barge in on anyone else’s thread. If not, post in my diy thread and I’ll be happy to help.

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I have 2 x 450 PAR dimmer set ups and use them for supplementary lighting in my outdoor greenhouse grow to extend the growing season for prolonged veg. Fans are silent and the air is drawn up through the fans and exhausted out the heat sinks.

Plants love them.

I believe the black marker dots signify 30/50/80 also.

I got one I’ve had about a month I like it it’s doing a good job so far

Ill grow in my 4"4 tent 4 plants in 2 pcs of viparspectra reflector series 600W model and 3 pcs of t5…and thats just enough for that space…

I just hung my second one now and the red and blue work but the white doesn’t. It’s pissing me off because the first one I bought only the red worked.
I’m done with them