Viparspectra 450 PAR

Building grow room for 2-4 plants and have 90% decided on 2 of these lights

along with a two 6 light cfl fixtures. The LEDs are dimmable and switchable for red, white and blue bands. My questions concern a starting point for the blends or bands for the different grow stages. That’s what the dimmers and switches are for, right? So where should I start to get the best light for seedlings, veg then for flowering? I plant to germinate and start with the cfl and then add the LEDs and either going full Led or leaving cfl also. I have a choice between autoflower or WW seeds. First serious grow. Thanks.

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The rule of thumb is: 50 plug watts minimum per square foot. Led’s are extremely confusing and misleading to order. Look at the specifications before buying anything.

Many of us have upgraded from these cheap fixtures into something that grows really spectacular weed. Your cfl’s are a waste of electricity IMO. The only time they would be of use would be for sprouting seedlings.

If you have a budget, consider either building or buying a good quality fixture. Figure on $1 per watt. Quantum boards and COB’s are the way to go these days with led.


I have this light and I cant compain. My lady’s love it and gave me some thicker stems on the plants under it then the ones under my meizhi 600w

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Do you use the dimmer settings? Could you advise on a good place to start as far as what bands to use and how much for which growing stage?

No dimmer on mine. I have a veg and a bloom switch. I always run both on mine.


I got one and is a good light but I really only use it for seedlings where I can use the dimmable white light. I like cheapie lights and this is probably one of the better cheapies but it is just really heavy and bulky.
I use some other lights that push the same wattage but are lighter and not as heavy later on in the plants life…

This is just a con for me and my setup. Their size and weight might not be an issue for you. They are basically just heavy because they are built pretty well.

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I run 2 450w vipars in my 3x3 tent. I use them from sprout to harvest. Here is just a basic run down of how I have used the dimmers (only have 2 grows done, so am still tweaking)

I just run veg lights during week 1 (sprout/seedling) at about 50%. After week1 I slowly raise the veg dimmer up over the next week until I am at 100% veg. I let them go a few days, and then start slowly introducing the bloom dimmer over the next week.and am at full power before week 4 starts. Of course if you notice any stretching of your plant at any point, you can raise the power more or lower the light some at any time to compensate…

I didn’t see what size area you have to grow in, you might need a higher wattage one…

They do not make the model I have anymore, they switched to that remote control thing (I still do not understand why you would need a remote, the dimmers on mine are great, and quick, and I can’t misplace them like I probably would a remote).


@Ron330 I think you have the prototype to the PAR 450. I have never seen your style (that of what they call their Reflector Series), I have never seen one with the dimmers. Usually just the grow and bloom switches. The PAR450 is simply the White One now, compared to their original still black with the switches. As least that’s what their marketing has convinced me.


I stand corrected, I overlooked the “Par” in the name. They are different lights than what I have, same company, which I have no problems with. I didn’t go with the one he mentioned because it seemed to “bulky” for what it was, and the fans worried me blowing any heat from light down on plants (or that is how it looks, for all I know it could be an intake)… Thanks for noticing…


@ron330 still strange about your dimmers. Was it an option? I’ve never seen it.


It was another model of the 450w reflector, mine is a bit narrower and longer than the one with switches (Identical to the VT450), it was about $20 more than the one with the 2 red switches. About a month after I bought the 2nd one, they discontinued it, and the following week came out with the VT450w (pictured below)

and since I am here, here is the 450Par

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@Ron330 Thanks. I have previously read, that regardless of what other bands are available, white is important for babies, blue for veg and red for flowering. My area is 10x4x7h, but l will not use the full length, reducing the actual grow area to 4x5.


@Ron330 I think I read that they intake from the bottom and push the air across the heat sinks and then out the top, to prevent what you described. Thanks for contributing to my questions.


I’ve got that light also, says on the pamphlet that comes with the light, a recommended setting is 100% on the blue and white and about 30% on the red for vegging and flowering a 100% on all lights Good luck!


Hello Ron,
Just curious how your Viparspectra lights are working out for you?!?!

So far no complaints. The nugs I have harvested to date have been dense and the bud is good smoke. Plan on unpacking and setting things up again next week and dropping some beans shortly after (growing in unheated area, packed everything away for winter)…


Thanks man! That’s good to know!
Do you know how many true watts do they run?
I was thinking about putting 2- 400w in my 4x4 tent, but then i read thier true watts are always lower! So should I go higher like 600w or 900w? Two of them!?!?

Mine draw about 190 each from the wall. I am sure 2 400w ones could grow some good bud, but may be lacking depending on how full the tent was/is…

Let me tag in @Countryboyjvd1971 and @dbrn32, as I am sure they know more about coverage areas and such that I am not aware of. And could probably offer a few suggestions depending on your budget…

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If they’re 190ish from the wall I would guess two of them to be a little weak for flowering a 4x4 to potential. Even the most efficient leds require about 600 watts consumption to flower that space well. I would guess you’d want a little more power vipars to get there.

With two lights that size you usually end up giving up some coverage to run them low, or lose a little bud development running them higher to get the coverage. They’ll still grow weed though, so really depends on your expectations and budget.

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I am new here but used 2 of the 450 non dimmable reflector series in a 4x4 tent. I grew 3 plants to 2’ tall pretty easy. Then found out all 3 were male. So I have not gotten to the flower stage. I am now using both 450s over 2 plants and a 300 over another plant for this grow. All viparspectras. I am happy with them.