Viparspectra 450 led


what do you guy;s think of this light - cost 189.00 room size is 3by3 ??? please help looked at Kind, Mars, ect - really confused want a quality light , my only saving grace is room size (3by3) (lower coast = small room) look at G8 led’s but one has to also purchase "Bloom " light (169.00 each) G8 unit cost is 300.00. Kind k3 :450 is about 800.00 , have looked at top 10 led’s and every top 10 video has a different top 10 ??? Please help !!!


I use this light you can get it cheaper here

Click here to see my grow with the light.


The viparspectra lights seem to be really good at their price point. I think there are a lot of grows here you can see using them. If they had a downfall, I’d say it’s that they don’t hit the peaks in red spectrum.


I plan to get this for my next grow to use only during flower.


I paid that price.for the 600 watt version


nugs. what do you think about the “dimminable” type ?


nugs - also heard that voparspectra has a “high” white and in flower it’s a bit lacking re/blue - is this why you are going to purchase a King Plus for flower ??


what about 2 - 600 kings for a 3by3 space instead of a Viparspectra due to the lack of red ?


Based on the info available for the 2, that setup should work really well.


King lacks blue, as for dimmable I’d just rather raise or lower the light. Also so far I have had 0 issues with the viparspectra it is doing an amazing job.

Here is a picture of the spectrum. Also the IR helps the plant absorb more red.


So the spectral graph on the king looks exactly the opposite of the viparspectra. Where the viparspectra is heavy in blue light, the king is heavy in red. Meaning the king light will be a much better light for flowering, but not as good in the veg stage as the viparspectra.

Just to be clear, both lights will grow weed. The best application for the two lights is as @Nugs plans to use them. He wants to provide an ample amount of blue light during the veg phase to create nice tight node spacing and short bushy growth. An abundance of red here would cause the plant to stretch a little more. Once he gets to the flowering stage, the idea is to provide more red to help with bud development and density.

If you’re looking for a light to run from start to finish, see if you can find one that hits the peaks on McCree curve in both red and blue.


I have a meizhi 450w(192w true watts) for 2x2x5 grow box! Very awesome light! Any feedback on this @ktreez420


The best light currently is the Quantum Boards. I am growing with one right now and the plants are double in size compared to the plants under the Chinese lights. Picture available on request

I can’t post a link but you can find them here horticulturelightinggroup. com
I would recommend the 260 Watt QB kit for your grow size. You can pick which light spectrum to fit your needs

You won’t be disappointed in this light
@mcpd_refugee has this light too. check out his grow


If you do the Vipar light, you will eventually want 2 of them. Sure 1 is ok for a 3x3. But 2 will give you total coverage and reach every inch of your tent. I might be a little biased towards them as that is what I use.

I love the dimming options, not sure if it was worth the extra cash, but it is a very versatile light and has given me no problems yet. I picked it over other light because it is longer than other lights, giving more coverage to the edges…


Just found this. I’m not sure about the performance of these lights, but the provided spectral data looks pretty good. If you’re looking to go seed to harvest with the same light, this is what I’d look for in a low cost option.


I’ve seen that light come up on here s couple of times. One thing that sticks out to me is the description lists it as 3000k in one spot and then 3500k in another. Since they don’t post a graph, you’re kinda left in limbo about what the light will do.

As a side note, galaxy hydro is listed as the seller. I ordered hygrozyme from them in April, it was never sent. My account was charged though. After numerous calls, emails and messages they never responded to, I’m out $57.


dbrn32 - guess one should get one each due to the flower lighting - but then one could spend close to 500.00 so might as well get Kind led’s ?


M4ur - have looked at this light also - though G8 led are good but one must have to get a “bloom” light that cost 169.00 so that plus 300.00 = 468.00 Man I am so DAM confused !!! don’t know want to do - have looked at top ten list’s which does help a bit ???


So… A member from here(@yoshi) suggested to buy this meizhi 450w for 2x2x5 (before I wanted to buy a Mars 300), and also told me that meizhi is good for flowering stage and Viparspectra is good for veg stage but both are very good light and both have 2 switch (bloom and veg). I hope you understand what I’m saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


dbrn32 the red spectrum looks is much better that the Viraspectura as were many say about the light heavy in the white but lacking in red. The price is very good if it preforms like stated, To be honest it has a spectrum something like Kind Led’s might give Meizhi a look have read a review about this light can’t remember the con’s about it - but all light have pro’s and con’s