Viparspectra 300w


Yes the 450w has the 2 switches veg and bloom, but honestly I always kept both on. The viparspectra feels week with only veg switch on. The Meizhi is more powerful with only Veg on, that one maybe you could use it with just Veg on.
I think only one of these in a 4 x 4 would
be súper weak. If I put only one in the center of my tent, the tent edges are dark. I think something ideal in a 4x4 would be 4 of the 450w, each one covering a 2x2 area. That will give you a perfect spread of light and 50 real watts of light per sq feet (they consume about 200w each in reality) Another option I would consider If I want to save money on a 4 x 4 would be 4 light fixtures of the 300w ones. They don’t have separate veg and bloom switches but you don’t need them, you’ll keep both on all the time anyways. I think four of the 300w ones would be the minimum I would put on a 4 x 4, and I would favor 4 smaller light over one high power one such as a 1200w LED one or the 900w, because you have more control on how to spread the light evenly and can keep the light closer to the plants. For the higher power ones you’ll have to raise the light much much higher over the plants to keep a somewhat even illumination in the whole tent, and it will always be brighter in the center of the tent. Just my opinion


Forgot to say, my tent the one in the pics is only 2 x 4. So I would double the amount of lights in a 4 x 4, or use 4 of the 300w ones


The viparspectra is slightly more expensive than the Meizhi one, but it seems slightly brighter with both switches on. I would get 4 of the 300w viparspectra, or 450w if you want it super bright and don’t mind spending the extra money.
The viparspectra also has better quality casing (powder coated) and better quality switches, just feels better if you care about that at all. I disssembled both completely and the inside electronics are exactly the same, same brand fans and everything and same LEDs, is just outside the viparspectra is better quality.
One thing though, no matter which one you get, get the one with “5w Epistar” LEDs, they are brighter than the ones that have a higher number of smaller size LEDs. Viparspectra doesn’t make one with the smaller LEDs but Meizhi does.


Thanks for the information! I’m trying to reduce heat and save wattage…! I just want to maintain some plants in the vegetative state, I think four 450’s might be a tad much for my particular application…?

I would never trade-in my hid watt for watt, I want to save heat and energy, that’s the only reason I would ever even consider LEDs, but thanks again for the input, I like to get all information and points of view :thumbsup:


Sorry I didn’t read more carefully what you were after. I assumed you wanted to maximize growth and yield as most people =).

If you just wanted to keep plants alive in veg without much growth, only one of the 450w viparspectra in a 4x4 will be plenty. You’ll need to place it 30-40 inches above plants to spread enough the light and cover the whole tent.

If you want a number for how bright these things are. The 450w Meizhi emits about 12000 (and the wavelength is tuned for photosynthesis so is like having a bit more light than that actually). You could use that number to compare it with your HPS. The viparspectra feels at least 10-20% brighter.

Wattage consumption is 195w +/- 5w (from the meizhi label). Heat production is minimal (I don’t vent my two 450w lights, just vent the tent with a single 4" inline fan with filter and works good)

Hope that helps


No problem I appreciate the input yeah I’m holding plants back right now that’s pretty much what I do in veg LOL when it warms up I turn it down to 18/6 to slow it down even further

I’m thinking two small ones might work better for my particular application but not sure yet anyway I’m several months out from buying so I’m going to follow along and there’s a lot of other light threads that I’ve been reading too thanks again for the input


no prob, I live in Cambridge if you want to take a look at the LEDs, I think you are in Boston too. I also have a smaller 300w Meizhi LED


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I’m using a viparspectra 600 in a growspace 80x80x180
Smartpot 26 liters coco with perlite
Growing 1 Auto ultimate from Dutch Passion that turned out to be a normal photoperiod .
So that’s why it turned out so big.
She fills up the tent and is creating some big buds.
Harvest in about 2 or 3 weeks.
I am amazed by the result so viparspectra does a good job.
I must say on 4 buds i used budswelling technique and it seems to work.


The 600w by viperspectra was $189 they have come down i own 2 and they work great 276 true watts and 3 year warranty.


Sweet grow. Weed envy. :slight_smile:


Nice grow man, those buds look huge. I’m getting back at it with my second grow right now, after we smoked almost all of that blue dream haha.

I’m growing one ILGM granddaddy purple, and one more blue dream, but this blue dream I made the feminized seed myself and seems to work. On my last grow I popped 5 seeds of blue dream, all nice, but #4 was a different phenotype and was amazing the best of all. Great taste, taller than the other, longer flowering time and huge buds and FAT stem. It’s the last pics on my grow journal.

I cloned that plant and the others just to learn. It worked good. Then I used the silver method to make one the blue dream clones produce pollen. Got lots of balls but almost no pollen (need to improve my skills on the method). But I used a little paint brush to spread any pollen if there was any on the Blue Dream #4 clone (the good one) that was untreated. In the end I got 4 seeds out of #4. Not a lot, but maybe one of the daughters will conserve the phenotype. I just popped one out and is growing.

One comment on the Viparspectra light. I noticed the light color when both switches were on was on the blue side compared with the Meizhi one. Since then I learned the big effect the light color has on the veg and flower stages, not just how many hours per day.

Blue light signals the plant to vegetate and stay short, red light signals the plant to flower and to actually grow taller, so the buds are taller when they release pollen and then have better change of polinizing plants far away later on (it’s just Biology and natural selection, crazy). Just tested this accidentally on the two plants I popped. First I popped the GDP, using both switches on a “300”w meizhi. So the light is redish. The GDP grew a long long stem before making leaves, it actually stopped growing tall when I switched off the flower switch and the lighit turned blue. The BD seed I popped and kept it in the blue light all the time and only grew less than an inch before staying there and started making leaves (the GDP has a ~ 3 inch stem before the leaves).

I’m saying this because besides controlling plant height, or also seems to affect flowering time. My 2 blue dream plants that were under the Viparspectra with more blue color (both switches on) made amazing foliage with big leaves, but they finished flowering in 2 weeks or less, and only made small buds, it was like the flowering stage was aborted and buds didn’t grow that much.
The plants under the Meizhi led that has more red color with both switches on continued flowering much longer and gave bigger beautiful buds, although originally their leaves and foliage weren’t as impressive (one of these won the BOM contest, #1, and is also the one I later used a clone from to make female pollen and polinize #4).

For #4 in the later flowering y switched both the Viparspectra and the Meizhi to only the flower switch on, so only red light came out and pointed it all to #4 (all other plants were finished and harvested, out the tent). #4 kept flowering much longer and made Colas the size of a wine bottle, length and girt. I have pics of that.

For my next grow I’m going to use only red led light during flowering and maybe throw in extra light source for more power, let’s see how it goes.

Here are the baby GDP and my BD cross. (1 week ago)


What is draw power of Viparspectra 300W, I used Mars300 before as supplement lighting