Viparspectra 300w

I have just ordered the Viparspectra 300w online and was wondering if anyone is using that? If so are you running other lights with it? And what has the yield been like?


I have 2 of the 900’s and happy with them. No problems yet and almost thru first grow, buds starting to form nicely.


@Matthew420 what space are you using the 900s in?

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Doesn’t answer your question. But, their quality so far so I think you’ll like the light for sure.

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5’ x 5’

A couple weeks old but you can see how I have my lighting with this fisheye shot. I use the tubes to fill in the sides better.


Thats looks very neat and well set up 🖒 .

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Thank you! :+1: Outta likes for the night…

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I love your tent @Matthew420 where did you find it I love it

Don’t want to get too far off the original post :slight_smile:

By chance do you work for NASA?

No I’m just kidding, I’m looking into the Viper Spectra too, it was like one bigger than 300 and not quite the 900, 600 maybe? (it’s kinda logical, but I think there was a 450 as well?)

Anyway it’s already in my cart, I was going to make a thread ask about it before I bought it, no rush, I’m not buying it till the summer) it was $189 on Amazon last night, I’m very interested too, great topic! …following along :thu

LOL, nope, don’t work got NASA :slight_smile:

Indeed it does also come in 450w. 450w and up has the separate bloom/veg switches.

I’m a fan so far :slight_smile:

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That might be the one ? Turns out I didn’t put it in my cart but I remember which one it was but it was $189 and it had like 276 tru Watts, or there about

When I get a minute I’ll put a link and maybe you can tell me what you think of this one thanks for the input I’m probably 90% going to go with this one but is so damn many but this is pretty good reviews

I hope to hear from people here who are using ViparSpectra as well

I’ve been following a long a lot of the LED threads cuz I don’t want to buy twice, I can’t see myself ever using it to flower but I’m interested just the same in the best all around product

Thanks for your and any other input

… the question that comes to mind is do I have to use side lighting with it to Veg? (because I don’t want to) if I start getting up around 400 watts I’ll just keep the halide, I was hoping to get some heat down and maybe save some electricity but mainly the heat issue in the summer

I’m probably adding 2 more 900’s for my next grow and removing the 4’ LED tubes.


I used just that light for veg then added two MarsHydro 600’s for flower love the light about to get the 1200 for one light whole grow
Good luck youll love it


@Brian091180 Thanks for the info, I know I’ll love it I love the way they grow short & bushy !

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My ladies stay about 2 to 3 feet thats about it
And that makes me happy tent isnt the tallest but my next setup is far better

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Thanks for the input @Brian091180

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I’m using one of the “450w” viparspectra for my first grow of Blue Dream, and one “450w” Meizhi brand. Check the last pic I uploaded a few days ago. They grow super bushy. They only use about 195w of power each. The tent is 2 x 4 with 5 plants. I only have one 4" inline fan with a carbon filter in the top of the tent removing air, and passive intake in the bottom

. Air temp in the tent is about 78 when the room is about 68. Works good


… the 450 has the veg and Bloom switch right? how big is your tent? you have two lights in there could but could I use just one like that in 4 by 4 or would recommend i use two smaller ones …thanks for the input