Viparspectra 300w adaptor problem


Hello igmc members :slight_smile:
I have a problem with my viparspectra 300w led light. Yesterday it stopped working and the problem is the led adaptor/transformator. The light fan still works but the lights go on and off every 2 minutes. So the problem is maybe malfunctioning adaptor. The light is 9m old. I hope someone tech savvy guy can help me.
I have to replace the adaptor but the description is wacky and I think that the chinese made a mistake at the output voltage. I can find only 240v input, 12v and 700mA. Do you think I can replace the adaptor with such or I have to look for 140-180v which people in the electric shops told, they are not aware of such type of adaptors. Of course if the price is high, it will be better to buy a new lamp. However the adaptors cost around 20 euros.
Keep in mind I am from Europe and we are at 220v electricity:slight_smile:
Thank you all for the helpUploading… Uploading…


I can probably help with this, but I’m balls deep at work right now.

In the meantime maybe @Daddy or @1BigFella are available.

What you’re looking for is an led driver, if that is indeed the issue. But it won’t be 12v 700ma for the lights. Maybe the fan. If the others can’t get you going I’ll check back later.


Thank you meanwhile:)


Just looked back at pic. That’s exactly what you need. Input voltage of up to 240v ac, and a constant current driver with 700ma output and up to 180v dc output. I’ll check for a meanwell.

Have you checked all of the connections? And do you have access to a multimeter and know how to use one?


@Mashina I agree with @dbrn32 I would probably just replace it with a new driver but it’s $40-$50 dollars plus your down time for a 300w. Might just be easier and faster to replace it. On another note it’s still under warranty at 9 months. See if they will replace it for you. They have really good customer service. We don’t see them fail alot so not much info on replacement parts.


Good point about replacement, may be a better option.

@Mashina if you can find a meanwell supplier, here is a driver that would work in replacement HLG-120H-C700A

I’ll look for some other options. That wouldn’t be a factory replacement, so it would require some wiring. But specs on it are almost identical.


Meanwell LPC-150-700 will work as well as a little bit lower cost option. U.S. price is like $31

Just out of curiosity, have you reached out to manufacturer? They will replace them more times than not.


@dbrn32 Isn’t the warranty voided now that it’s opened? My Vipar has a sticker on it that you have to break to open and says void if opened.


Hi, I think the warranty is void because we have opened it up. Also it would cost more to send it to manufacturer and wait for replacement . I will try to find the above mentioned adaptors or ones with similar parameters and replace it. If doesn’t work, will buy a new lamp. I am angry because I run out of options as I have one bestva 1200 left, the vipar 300 is out and meizhi 600w and meizhi 300w are on the way with the shipping, but will take another week to arrive. Meanwhile my first grow is 2-3 weeks before harvest and there are 4 plants, so I am sacrificing 1 of them for not getting enough light. Thanks guys, you are the best :wink:


Possibly. I can’t think of a single time I’ve seen that they even ask for them back though. Usually they are more than happy to send out a replacement, and due to the cost of international shipping don’t ask for you to return.


As I stated above, you should contact them anyway. Good chance they will send you a new one without requiring you to return that one.


Alot of the time viparspectra won’t ask you to send it back for repair they will just send a replacement after they verify what the problem is. You may have to send them pictures or videos of what happens when it fails. You won’t get it in time for this grow but maybe a new light for the next grow. Won’t hurt to try.


Lol jinx. You just type faster


Can’t count the times I’ve typed out a novel, just to see someone else posted the same info 3 minutes prior to me… all good buddy!


Well as you said, it won’t hurt to try. Will contact them to see what happens and will report here :wink:
Great members on board, I’m proud of you and your understanding :wink:



You’re looking for a 130-150 watt driver with high output voltage basically. I really don’t have the time to scour eBay and alibaba looking for other options, but I’d be happy to verify it will work if you find one. Just screenshot the specs and post them here. Then tag me in the post. I imagine there are a few out there, but not sure about lead time and stuff like that.

Definitely stay on them about replacing that light! Be persistent and sell it if you have to. Shy of hosing it down with water they should last a lot longer than 9 months.


The fact that it works for a while but then shuts down for a while sounds like the driver is overheating. The thermal protection is kicking in and shutting it down. ledsupply sells Mean Well drivers on line, but I’m not sure they ship to Europe. Lots of Mean Well drivers will work on 240 VAC. Just make sure you get one that can. Good web site: It makes a lot more sense than Mean Well’s online catalog. You just select the specs you want and they tell you which one to get.


Do not tell them you opened it when you contact them. There is a good chance they will tell you to open it to check wiring or what not so they don’t have to spend any money shipping anything or whatever they do. Which would keep your warranty good.


Any luck with this?


Hi guys. I tries to contact them, because I bought the lamp via amazon uk 9 months ago. The problem is that I couldn’t find the order confirmation and number. They asked for it and since I don’t have it, well …
So it’s not going to work that way. I know a electric nurd who can maybe fix it :slight_smile:
Meanwhile I ordered 2 new lamps. Meizhi 300w and MeiZhi 600w. So now I became a power user :slight_smile:
I have 2 leds 1200w bestva
1 meizhi 300w
1 meizhi 600w
2 znet4 300w.
About to order additional 600w meizhi.
The point is that I want to grow medical cannabis for my 8y old boy, who is diagnosed with brain tumor.
From what I’ve read I will have to grow somewhere near 1kg of cannabis, which should give me around 50 grams rso. I have ordered Girl Scout cookies for the thc part and dinamed for the cbd.
I have 3 plant now, which I was experimenting growing them until now, for my cousin, who use it for relaxation and I hated looking him spending so much money on buying crap :slight_smile: