Vipar spectra t300 safety warning (in e.u)

There was a notice posted online, (on a U.K website) on the 12th Aug 2019, about how these lights are being recalled for risk of electric shock.

The recall states:
“Due to risk of electric shock, the Vipar Spectra (T300) LED Hydroponics light has been recalled.
The electrical strength is inadequate and the product does not comply with the requirements of the low voltage directive and the relevant European Standard EN 60598, EN 61347 and EN 62471.”

I know most growers here are not in Europe, but I thought the “electric shocking” was worth bringing attention to.
(There were no relevant serial numbers or product codes listed on the website, so I assume this means all of them.)

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Good job buddy. A lot of folks on here use viparspectra lights

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