Vip points unknown

I can’t seem to access points, haven’t checked in awhile and know that the previous host/provider was changed. And they were gonna take time to transition. But when I click to check them, it asks me to log in. Even though I’m already logged in. Anyone else having this issue or just me? Or are the conversions still happening?

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Went on yesterday actually, was the 1st time i have been able to actually see my VIP points….(since internet problem)

Hell it tells me i have no ppints earned and ive ordered e times from them

You would have to contact ILGM customer service on the site to get an answer, this is just a grow forum!

Don’t need to contact customer support to ask other members if they can see theirs or not. The previous host decided to stop hosting them a couple months back. So in the transition vip points was stated it was going to take time. Other members would know if theirs have yet.

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I just looked & they only have my last three orders & there’s about $1500 or more still missing. I think having been dumped unexpectedly really screwed things up for them. I’m glad the forum is still in tact.

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