Vinegar to raise acidity


A question from a fellow grower:

I have tried vinegar in water to raise the acidity in the soil I am treating. A meter showed the same reading after application. I have heard of using peat. I read a good deal of your manual, but I could not remember exactly what you wrote. I cannot access it again. I am certain that is by design. It was good of you to allow any reading of it at all. Perhaps you could advise ? I am researching your site and elsewhere, but I write because I wish to waste no time


I downloaded both of the manuals to .pdf files. You should have been given a link to do that in an e-mail. (If you didn’t, you may wish to check your spam folder.)

In reference to the pH manipulation, I am far from an expert; however, I just purchased a bottle of pH Down, which, iirc, is Phosphoric Acid. On other grow stites, I have also read a number of positive posts about manipulation with Citric Acid over Phosphoric Acid; however, I would wait for the folks with the best knowledge to reply here, or you may wish to also search out web posts about pluses and minuses of Phosphoric Acid vs. Citric Acid. Iirc, vinegar is Acetic Acid, which I’ve also read about folks using.

I’d really try to DL the Grow Bible though, and check out all of the online guides here.


To check the pH use collected runoff water. If it’s to alkaline, use soil sulfur to adjust the pH. If it’s too acidic, use lime



If you want to amend your soil in order to balance the ph; You need to used pulverized Dolomitic Lime. Vinegar is not stable enough to buffer and maintain a balanced PH level, and is only good as an emergency quick treatment if you have no acid, (PH down)

As far as the Grow Bible; You can download it from pretty much any page in this forum, or blog. Peace