Vinegar, is it O K to use as a pH down

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I have just recently started using an Organic apple Cider Vinegar, It is unpasteurized if that makes a difference. Made by BRAGG, and sold at our local Kroger Store. The way I pH my water is quite easy. I mix in a three gallon jug all the nutrients that i am using at that particular feeding. I then do a pH reading at that time. Be sure to mix thoroughly. To bring my pH up I use a pipette to count out vinegar drops. Of course it depends on how much you want to lower your pH as to how many drops of vinegar you use. Just start adding drops slowly, and you will pick up on how much to use. Just keep checking your pH as you go along. It is so easy you will catch on real quick. Happy Growing.


Yes - but if you let your water set for 24hr’s (de-natured) generally it’s in the correct PH range

Thank you. Bragg’s is what I use as well. For all my vinegar needs except cleaning surfaces.

So just the act of sitting there, water balances itself to neutral?

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I am not sure as to what you mean by just let it set there. If you are looking for a pH say some where between pH 6 - pH 7. and your tap water is above pH 7 and you want to bring it down to a pH of 6.5 you add a few drops of vinegar and check your pH again. Keep adding and checking pH as you add vinegar, You will then learn how much the vinegar drops your pH each time you add some. Be sure to stir each time you add vinegar to get an accurate pH reading. You will have to acquire a pH meter, or strips to check pH in your water, they also make a solution that you put so many drops of your mixture in a small vile and shake and compare with a color chart. I personally like the meter, the solution you use a color chart works also. Hope this helps, pH is so important to your grow. Happy Growing
signed hotrodsontheblvd.

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Are you saying that if you have a high pH say 7.40 out of the tap, you can let it set for 24 hours and it will go down to 7.0 pH just by letting it sit.

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Lemon juice works well but I have 2 lemon trees.
I read some where that vinegar wasn’t good to use but I cant find any info now and cant find any reason why.

I think it was @latewood that mentioned it being unstable but I’m not sure.

I’m sure someone will chime in if the vinegar is bad to use. Trying a natural pH is also new to me but using vinegar is a cheaper way to lower your pH. Plus it has to be better for the plants in the long haul.
Happy Growing Hotrodsontheblvd.

I’m beginning to wonder how taste and quality of high is affected by chemical nutrients as opposed to natural sources.

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Hello there everybody

A couple of drops of vinegar to a gal. of H2O, This should lower water which if its in the range of (6.8 - 8.0 pH) now don’t quote me on this range or formula sine it’s speculation, but almost correct. 2-4 drops of Vinegar regardless to brand and type preferably apple cider vinegar is okay, regular clear vinegar is good since simple is best at times, i heard wine vinegars are to be avoided. A few drops will lower it to 6.5 pH which is good but if you have hard water or it’s reaching 8 i say dump it and get some drinking water in a container let it air out for a few days add a few drops of vinegar you should be fine :wink:

B Safe

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What about the raw unfiltered? I would prefer to use that, but I wasn’t sure if the tiny bits and pieces would cause me problems with pests. It just seems things are better with the least amount of processing.

And I agree with you 100%
But I’m getting sway from all the that a suff.


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If you want to use Lemon juice or Vinegar; Try it out. Don’t wait for or take anyone else’ opinion. Try it out for yourself. If you do not want to buy ready made proven pH up or PH down; You owe it to yourself to try out your home styled remedies.

Once you see that you are unable to keep PH at a consistent range; You will evolve and gravitate towards what is available on the market. :slight_smile:


The information you gave me is good enough to make me wonder if I’m just wasting my time working with vinegar. I have just lately started using vinegar for my pH down. It seemed like a natural thing to do trying to keep with a natural theme. I will take your advice and go back to the ready made up or down. Besides I have a bottle of each from earlier in life. If someone knows of a good pH adjuster that won’t kill off a bunch of microbes in my soil please let me know I am doing some research tonight but first hand info is good also. Happy Growing hotrodsontheblvd.

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I see this is an old topic but since latewood told us to try an use our home remedies, I did and I decided to give you my opinion. I grow in soiless coco coir using nectar of the gods nutes plus terpinator. Originally I used the hades down product as a ph down from nectar of the gods, after accidentally spilling the bottle I switched to what I had on hand and test our home remedy. After 2 grows and currently on my third using only Bragg organic apple cider vinegar as a ph adjustment I can honestly say I see absolutely no difference, no better, no worse. That being said I will state that as I water and, therefore adjust ph every day because I grow in coco maybe the lower ph doesn’t last as long as products sold specifically for that purpose, I haven’t done a slurry test because I have needed one. If I do, I’ll update with results.

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Floridason, iced been wondering the same about. Have you come to any conclusions since writing this post. I mostly grow organically in coco coir using nectar of the gods nutes, and find my gown but smoother than bought medicine. I have perceived an improvement in smell potency using terpinator.

No I haven’t. Next year will be a living soil grow with no added nutrients. I know that seems like a long time to get an answer, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a short wait.

I guess to know for sure, you would need two clones growing with nutrient source being the only difference.

I would like to chime in now. Vinegar has not shown very good signs of stability to me. I say this because I have been having to adjust 3 to four times a day with Vinegar and baking soda. My reservoir water doesn’t get too awful warm so I don’t understand why I’m having to constantly adjust. I actually have to bring it down to low sixes because within just a couple hours it wants to go back up to high sevens again. Im about to buy ph up and down and try my luck. Im tired of jacking with it

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Wow it sounds like people are taking business away from you
Hey this is more natural way of controlling PH
Oh yea cheaper too