?Vinegar & Cannabis?

I recently read something about apple cider vinegar lowering potassium in ones body if drinking too much daily, would the same be true for cannabis? Will it hurt them rather than help? I guess I’m asking is it safe to use Vinegar in feeding water to lower ph if don’t have pH up (I used baking soda previously, for this function) or down (I used vinegar previously for this function). What do you all think? Thank you in advance

The reason vinegar lowers human blood potassium levels is because vinegar is a diuretic and can cause excessive urination. Excessive urination removes potassium from the body. This is not the case for plants.

Vinegar is known as a herbicide (weed killer.) We’ve seen people use it to manage pH, but in larger quantities it might not be good for the plant.


I feel vinegar probably isn’t the best alternative, I have used lemon juice in an emergency situation. hydroponic ph up and down is cheap everywhere and lasts forever. I have a 6oz bottle and it’s still 3/4 full… going on year and a half.
I don’t think vinegar holds ph levels sable for any reasonable amount of time, ultimately just making it appear lower when you feed fluctuating quickly as water starts to evaporate.
Just my thoughts


Lemons is a better one not as hash and if you need to being ur ph up at all use bicarbonate soda it will make ur water more ph nutural


Pickle juice was the go to for most in the 70s and on as recommended thru High Times.


Be careful with vinegar, it has a pH between 2 and 3. Baking soda raises pH not lower. Your going both ways so I would slow down and rethink the whole situation. Sounds like the Baking soda drove it up now your hunting vinegar to lower it down putting your plants on a yo yo cycle that is sure to cause problems especially hermies.

Your best bet is to use a root cleaner and flush with it then check pH and TDS an adjust as necessary.

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Yeah be careful with that one too. It’s mostly vinegar. PH down is cheap boys. Lime is a more long term solution

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It’s over with now, but I think I found my answer to the problems I was having a while back.

, I’m guessing the vinegar had something g to do with it, idk for sure though. My tap water is about pH 10ish and I would use the FF Trio nutes and I would use the vinegar to drop it down a little lower, the FF was only bringing to about 7-8 if I remember correctly and I would add a little vinegar. Sometimes I would go a bit over with the vinegar and have to use a minute little bit of baking soda to bring it back up, not always but sometimes. But it’s over with now chopped the plants down and they’re curing and drying now.shrugs I’m hoping I did alright.

Forph up i have been using hydrated lime powder from the local farm supply. I mix a couple spoonful with ro water shake and it works great.

You can use apple cider vinegar just fine as ph down.
Vinegar and alcohol are both acidic. Alcohol is about 4; vinegar is about 2-2.5. Vinegar is just “spoiled” (oxidized) alcohol. Just be careful with vinegar because a little goes a long way. It is quite acidic. As all ready mentioned.

I would humbly suggest apple juice instead of apple cider vinegar. In vinegar the sugars have all converted to alcohol and then spoiled to vinegar. Not a lot there but H+ ions (acid). But the fruit juice has sugars and flavonoids and terpenes still that can be utilized by the microbes and plant still. Apple juice has a PH between 3-4 depending on what type of apples.

Kind of correct. If you sprayed it at night it would not be very effective unless the plant was acid sensitive. The reason it kills weeds is in the sun the lensing effect along with the acid breaking down the waxy coating can fry the foliage. Just like lensing on cannabis leaves. On tap root weeds like dandilions or comfrey they would just come back with a vengeance. Also it typically is only effective on dicotyledons. Most monocotyledons barely skip a beat and just keep on growing.

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I am more worried about your tap water coming out at 10. Is it a limestone bed well? Sea water only is 8.3-8.4 ph. 10 is getting up there. Anything above 12 get corrosive and caustic. High ph burns as bad as low ph does.

Are you sure you tested that correctly?. I have never seen natural water above 9 ph. Like you are in tops for mineral spring water PH. Definitely not very common. If this is true no wonder you need PH down. Do you see a precipitate (sediment) fall out when you add strong ph down to water that alkaline?

This could be your problem regardless what you use for ph down. You want to be in the mid 6 range. If you are running in the 7 range you are too high. Your nutes will all be ph locked and unavailable to the plants. You need to be acidic for the nutes to break apart for your plants to grab. If your ph is high only microbes (living soil) can make them free for plants in alkaline range soils. The nutes stay locked up like Fort Knox.


Here’s a root cleaner many use
It’s main ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid

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