Viktor’s 7th Crook caper 2019


Continuing the discussion from 4 of a kind + wild card:
welcome to 2019
i know I don’t work for ILGM but I am a true fan so excuse me for cheering on the company that works for me
So here are a few shots of the lab”Recovery Room” and “Frankenstein” in full operation. I have successfully integrated every step of my grow journey with ILGM into a great horticultural hobby.



Looking Great!
I♥️Ilgm as well


Me too. My current grow was my 1st time with all ilgm genetics, the pop culture mix pack. They’re beautiful girls. I can’t wait till I can actually medicate with them. Thanks for continuing the discussion.


Can I see​:eyes: your ladies?:woozy_face::flushed:LOL. Old school.
Ashamed asking on a Sunday & all.


Haha Here’s the girls. All ilgm :+1:

Black widow
Skywalker og

gorilla glue#4

Bruce banner

I’m hoping the first of the four will be ready in about a week. All currently given water only. Using two 315w cmh’s (1 is 3k bulb and other is 4k). It’s my first grow using the ceramic metal halides and fabric pots. I’m really enjoying both of them. Still have a lot to learn though as this is only my fourth or fifth grow since joining ilgm.


They are pretty!
What size pot are they in?
Mine are in 3 gallon and I’ve had success pushing plants to 4 foot height. That is unstopped and no LST.
On this grow I’m trying to LST and achieve the same heights. I don’t know if it will work but if my girls were straight they would be between 24”-30” by now.
I have them mashed down to 12”-18” now. I’m going to pump some feed to them and see if they can stretch the other 12” before flower. I want big colas all over so I didn’t top. Just stressed the hell out the stalks and branches. Hopefully my 2nd tier SCROG will fill-in before the end of Jan. Thanks for sharing your babies :baby:. I hope they provide wonderful relief for your time and effort.


The girls are fed. Full and getting fat. Lights lowered to 28”. I’m so pleased with the results thus far and I expect the explosion :boom: to be visible by end of week.
I’m so itching to get these things into SCROG #2. The way I’m going to lay it out is to leave SCROG #1 in place for 2 weeks the cut. 2nd SCROG will be foundation to support the buds as they grow if another SCROG becomes necessary then I will be dancing with childlike anticipation.


My plants are in 7 gallon fabric pots but currently I only have them filled with 5 gallons of soil. I found with that low stress training these plants can take quite a bit of bending and moving around. I just used twist ties and tie them down to the metal frame that supports them. I’m still learning though but I’ll probably try the same thing on the next grow. I would think you’d be able to work it out just fine with yours and some low stress training. The scrog of yours is going to be really nice when it’s all done! That’s something I will have to try sometime. Keep up the good work!


So my girls are filling in nicely. The slowest is the gorilla glue. I’m amazed at how the GSCx caught up. She is going to be a massive producer. I got 2 weeks before the big flip. They are drinking water really fast now. Next grow I’m purchasing some totes to set the pots in. That way I can restart the oxygen feed. Ordering my CO2 packs this week and I think I got some pruning to do but not a lot. I hope to get 2-4 clones of each plant. Right now I can’t tell what to cut because everything is growing so strong even those tiny shoots in middle but something has to go.


Looking awesome. Keep it up. Those are going to be beautiful plants. They look real healthy


I’m super excited to try that Gorilla Glue. I’m curious to hear what you think of it when it’s done. I’ve had some from a local dispensary but this is my first time growing it and it’s ilgm. The dispensary Bud’s I had were outstanding . So when I saw ilgm got Gorilla Glue themselves I had to order it. Everything I grow is ilgm from this point forward. Unless somehow I stumble across an amazing clone of something. Haha anyway sometime I’m going to try that GSC. It looks amazing on the seeds site. Please let me know when it’s done what you think of it if you haven’t had it before. I’m sure it’s great but I’m just curious. Keep up the good work you have an awesome set up and everything’s looking sweet.


Thanks, the GSCx is super strong and carries an intense high. Very euphoric and taste great. You will definitely smell mint. As well as taste it. My 2nd major ILGM grow was 2 clones of blue dream plus revegged mother plant a GSCx, and a LA Confidential they grew fine during beginning of summer but weather got to them and they began to develop mold 1 month prior to full potential unfortunately I had to harvest early. This time I’m staying indoors because these strains are very popular with ALL pest; crawly and furry. It was way too much of a challenge to try to maintain them and do security. I recommend trying the LA Confidential. It will “put you on your back” (beyond couch lock) if not careful. They were not even ready and still very very can see pictures on previous post “4 of a kind plus wildcard” I have so many seeds and 13 various ILGM strains so I’m committed for a while.


Oh yes the pictures do match the real plant colas if properly grown.


That LA Confidential caught my eye when I first joined the website. You’re basically growing strains that I am looking forward to getting in the future. Which is awesome. Thank you for sharing.
Yeah I don’t mind having something really strong that makes me tired at night time. That’s kind of what I’m hoping the Gorilla Glue will become. I was thinking of even waiting till it ambers up quite a bit. Like 20 to 40%? Then the rest I’m going to try and take around 5 to 10% Amber. I love that couch lock effect for some of my medical issues but I don’t want that during the day when I have stuff to do haha.
Everything is looking great on your end! Keep up the good work. I’ve never tried to grow outdoors but it’s something I’m not opposed to. I just feel like I need to master or at least get close as possible to mastering my indoor with my equipment etc etc before I go outside. Well done and thanks for sharing your grow.


Feeding/water day. The Banner in back trying to get a little pissy about her pot but I’m gonna give her much more water than the others. My scheduled clones are 1 week out. Skywalker OG is having a nice spurt. All plants are in full pre-flower stage. Usually I would put these into flower now but I’m going to hold out another week just to get a clone. I believe based on the spurt of growth (lights @ 18-23”) the clones will take root faster. My plants are very tough about the stem at base of root and once again the plants are only in the 1 gallon pot form of the root ball. The rest of these pots are perlite and spragnum moss.

It is a bit of a challenge to water them now. I can wait to “cut the cord” and let the girls spread further and fill in each 2’ square. When I trim them I am going to pull each plant out individually and do so. I am also following the water weight tactic by simply lifting the pot. My current parameters in room:

So next week we compare height again and clip clones then into the bloom she grows.


Hehh. Just now waiting my Crystals to amber up. I personally do same 5-10 my day time but some medical issues want more couchlock effect.

I do my first 4-5 grows Outside. Sh1tty weather and unpredicteble conditions are words how to describe my location summer. First i dont know how. No knowledge 12/12.No internet. But i try more. Many times paranoia wins me. But one summer i try again and pull off 2.5lbs one plant. I built around her availible materials tent. Then next i Order seeds here ilgm and go inside growing. But thats not mean i dont grow outside. But yeah here where i am Outside growing is really hard. But thats not STOP me. Not bad weather too. Outside growing is harder but more satisfied.


I’m not opposed to growing outside but I just feel I still have a lot to learn yet with my indoor stuff. But I love it indoor. I’m hooked I’ll do this forever. The cost and the entertainment or enjoyment of it is worth every penny. Not to mention when you start to compare the cost of buying top bud from a dispensary to growing your own.
Yeah I’m like you I like a little bit of Amber for the Harvest for most of it but I’ll pick one plant that I’ll let it go pretty well in to Amber colors before chopping… and then I jar all separately of course etc.
Have a nice evening


What is this??:scream_cat: Banner & Bergman getting a little temperamental but I hope they both recover. I don’t think it’s a burn or a deficiency; but the way I tucked leaves under. Gave a little peroxide with last feeding so they should be okay this final week of veg. Preflower stage looks good but I’m under time constraints therefore they will go into flower no matter the height.

Just Monday.


Good point. I do the same for the love of the plant itself. They can be very pretty if you can make them find their perfect environment. I will fight outdoors knowing the yield is going to be good even though the “would have could have” effect pops up.