Viggie venom nutrients

Was wondering for the people using green beams lights have you tried there veggie venom nutrients

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Many growers are switching to Jack’s 321. You use the same amount from start to finish. Its dry amendments so it last longer than liquid nutrients. Plus its also cheaper.

I am a Fox Farm nutrient and soil grower exclusively.

Look at the Bud of the Month and Strain of the Month as it show cases Jack’s all to well.

Yeah i use fox farm nutes myself when i was looking at them green beam lights they had them on website and said comes free with purchase of light.

I believe @Fiz and @Graysin use those lights not sure if they use there nutes.

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I used it for as long as the free sample lasted to feed my vegging plants. I can’t really say much about it, it lasted about 2 waterings with as much as I’ve got going on. I know @Fiz also got some - not sure if she used hers. same with @SynysterChris - know he uses the light, unsure about the sample of nutes. :joy:

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That’s what I use more often than not. It’s my preference by far

@Graysin thanks for the reply

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Sorry, I didn’t use them yet.

I’ve fed with it twice now, but in between feedings of jacks 321 and AN’s “pH perfect” 3 part liquid, so really no idea if it’s good stuff or not.

It didn’t kill anything though?? Lol

Thanks for the info