Viewing trichomes

I just purchased a pocket microscope that can read slides and comes with a phone attachment.
I’m not sure if we can mention brand names on this forum if an admin says its ok I will post the name or I could PM the name. it cost me $25 CAD and far exceeded my expectations. here’s a shot of a small piece of bud beside a dime and then the piece under the scope using the phone adapter.

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You can post the brand, just need to be careful adding links.

Amazon is approved. If not, you can do a screen shot of the website page.

Money well spent.

@ob let us know what brand that is. Looks great.

It’s the Carson MP-250.
it runs on 1 AA battery and seems to be very well made.
they have a video on amazon and they look at pond water on the included slide, it’s so cool I wanna go get some pond water now just to see if it works as good as the video :microscope::crazy_face:

This one:


@AAA that’s the one.
I was a little shocked when I saw the price then I saw that’s I was on
I love it I don’t think there’s anything left in the house I haven’t checked under it :rofl:



With this much chromatic aberration i don’t see any purpose other than to identify tiny pests. There’s got to be products offering clearer colour pictures IMO, especially if it’s pricey…

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:

Did you see the price is for 4?

And thanks.

this unit is only $25 CAD there are units on amazon that go for$20000 or CDN$ 19,921.49 to be exact But I think the unit I bought is just fine for looking at tric’s to see if there clear, cloudy or amber. here’s another pic I took of the torn edge of a newspaper. I could be wrong but I think this is pretty good for $25 CAD

I know there is light issues and focus issues but this is through the phone and it’s easier to focus when looking through the eye piece. :v: Happy growing


Hey @ob I have that same Carson scope and it works well.
I really wasn’t able to use it for viewing Trichomes on buds still on the plant but I do use it for other things like samples from compost tea brews looking at all the critters bacteria fungi etc.
Unless I remove part of a bud and view as you did above I haven’t found a way to use it to view Trichomes while bud still on the plant.
If you come up with a way please let us know.

Hey @Skydiver do you have the phone attachment?
this is what I just did.

I turn the focus dial and retract the lens all the way back.
next I hold a flower or bud site between fingers.

Then I rest the edge of the scope on my fingers.

then I control the distance from the bud site by bending or straightening my finger tips this acts as a focus without actually using the focus dial.

And this is what I got.

it’s not perfect but I can see what I need to see.:face_with_monocle:
Best of luck to you!

Thanks for the info
I do have the camera phone clip too.
What I don’t have is that suction cup knob that your holding the phone with and without that it’s really cumbersome to hold it etc.
May give it another try but easiest for me when checking Trichomes is using my 30/60x jewelers loop and I can take pics but don’t much as I just need to see where they are at

Thanks again and glad you have it working for on plant Trichomes

That was my wife’s phone I don’t have that pop socket on my phone, she took the pics from my phone.
I actually find it to be in the way. (the pop socket not the wife):rofl:


Salutations OB,

One way or another i get the impression it’s sure some bargain for the reseller. Actually i must admit mine was overpriced too on top of being antiquated but at least it fixed the chromatic aberation issues i once had with this previous acquisition of mine:


It’s a toy and probably a cheap clone as it started to disintegrate quite rapidly, below this is one of the very rare trichomes snapshots i ever manages to post with it and that was years ago:


Back then i wasn’t too confident about what expectations to have. Enjoy the luck if optic & mechanical quality meet yours!

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:

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