Victory is Mine! Motorized turntable


we talked about some metal framing that wont break or distort under the torque. turntable size and legs to support 60lbs and gearing to reduce the 0.6rpm speed by a factor of 50-100x slower. idk how much hes going to quote me. but he said he could design it differently it i planned to make many (a dozen or more) or i planned to make just one


lol, you realize you may require side lighting also, to keep rotation growth equal.


im thinking ill use one angled overhead light. the canopy exposure will even out during rotations


Hey all just got my improved turntable back from the machinist. All seems to be working well for now. I’ll run it until it breaks down and troubleshoot the next problem


Cool. Congrats. It really is pretty neat


Did u ever find a listing for those for sale?


I’m thinking now that I have it turning to get a second light for direct overhead and use the first driving light directly from the side


Build a little light like the one I just built. Cheap small easy to move and good light


Hey man, howz the turntable working?


Perfectly. I’m in the market for a better/more appropriate motor. I need something with variable speed from 1 rpm to 1 rotation/day. Also i need more torque… if anyone knows about very small gearboxes pls let me know. I can get a motor, there are many choices but the approach to getting the correct gear reduction is so far unavailable


Run a power adjustment meter like on the carbon filters and dial it all the way down and use old phonograph as turntable.


Can u build it?


Without enough power the motor will stall. Also I checked and the speeds available for a turntable motor are at least 33rpm and the plant would fly off the turntable at that speed lol


I’m glad u got me talking about this. If I use the same motor and place it on the outer rim of the turntable I can get a reduction of 60x speed and effectively increase my torque. So… my next project will be to (somehow) attach the motor to the edge of a lazy susan and see what happens


I was talking about using the entire phonograph as planter base, then turn power to 5% for a slow turn.


Do you know any phonographs that can move a pot of wet dirt and a full grown plant? Figure… 40 lbs



I respect your enthusiasm and drive to “give it a go”.

Follow your ideas but don’t invest to much capital.

Please be assured.

I’ll be following this thread/path to see where it leads.

The very best regards.

O’whee… a visit to the potato patch is needed!


I think i can put together another turntable, with a more ideal design for 50$ retail parts. And that one should move about 1 rotation per 2 hours. It’s what I’ve been working toward


Don’t you just love making up all kinds of weird shit to occupy ourselves


Yep bryan.

I thought it would be a workable idea to train my autos to grow inline at a 35% angle.

Excuse the graphics.
< > = direction of grow.

It was working. Multiple colas along each line.

Then, out of nowhere a blight struck and killed the lot.
That’s why I advise NOT to wager your whole stash.

Shite happens.