Victory is Mine! Motorized turntable


This is my fourth iteration but i have successfully designed and built a motorized turntable that will turn my growing plant approximately 1 turn every 2 minutes. its also set an an angle of approx 15 degrees.

apparently i am not authorized to upload videos. But i did it and its turning as we speak. im going to leave it turning and see if it breaks down.

very exciting.


I’ve seen you talking about this for a lil while…
I didn’t want to burst your bubble… but I’ve seen these chambers that are stackable with a 1000 watt hps in the middle of the chamber and run 6 to 8 plants in the dome with a turntable where the plants spin and the turntable spins as well and they just run clone after clone with crazy results…
I just didn’t want to steal your thunder… these units can be bought for $3000.00 bucks I belive… they were shown in high times about 8 years ago… I’m sure that you can find the add if you look for it… :kissing_smiling_eyes:



yes but are the plants tilted while they spin?


Plants and table spin together… light hangs in the middle of the turn table… crazy results… they are built like pods… that are stackable…
Pretty interesting… there turn over rate was crazy… plants spin and table spins… I’ll try to find the add for you… but it was pretty amazing for sure… :wink:
Also these were organic soil grows…
In 1 gallon pots… each pod was 3 feet tall by 5 foot wide… and stacked 3 tears high in a room of 40 pods…


cool but my idea is to take advantage of gravitropism, meaning the growth action of the plant to grow against the pull of gravity. in addition to better light penetration due to the angle the spin


Nice going! Now to see if it actually does anything. So you’re going to need to keep it updated.


Gravitropism happens, no matter what angle you put the plant. That’s kind of the point of it. :grinning: Shoots grow up, roots grow down.

Unless you’re going for this? From Scientific American-- “Whatever ideas you might have on this subject [gravitropism] must also accommodate this startling fact: If you mount a plant sideways on machine that rotates it like a pig on a spit, the plant will not make a hard turn toward space. Instead, it will keep growing horizontally as if it had no ability to sense gravity at all.”

Of course, your plant is at a bare minimum of an angle, so your plant shouldn’t start growing horizontally.

What is growing at the angle supposed to add to your grow? I understand the spinning, but not why you think the plant needs help with gravitropism & why you think it will improve your grow. Not being combative, just curious.

It’s a pretty nifty creation!


this depends entirely on the speed of the spin, the plant will turn up if left at an angle for an hour or more, so if the turn is slow enough then it will turn up as it rotates. plants dont have muscles if they move it is due to growth. i want to take advantage of that movement through growth


Still not entirely sure what benefit you’re going to get for your hard work. It’s not my grow, so it doesn’t really matter what I think, still, I’m just trying to figure out what benefit you think spinning your plant at an angle is going to accomplish, in regards to gravitropism.


spinning the plant only gives me the benefit of not having to turn it by hand


i just put the plant on a tilt. ill check again in 30 min


after 30 min do u see any changes?

it looks the same to me

ill check again in 30 min


no noticeable change

ill check again in an hour


slight tilt on center cola. maybe the stalks are hardening and not moving as fast. could be growth stage is almost complete.


an hour later


I like the thought processes involved in this whole escapade. I get what you want to accomplish. Good Luck.


thanks bryan. i dont mind putting in the effort to get some answers and either way its entertaining to me


I’m betting this would work better on a younger plant. Since stems harden during flower. Maybe start a plant at about 2 weeks old or maybe a month old.


agreed. i plant to use it as soon as seed hits soil


i just met with the machinist yesterday, hes gonna put a plan together over the next week or so