Vexer needs help


H2O2 is the concentrated form of peroxide the actual chemical make-up of hydrogen 2 oxygen 2 rather than h2o :wink: it comes in 30% concentration peroxide is a 3% concentration

sounds expensive but really a single liter in distilled water makes 10 L or more of drug store 3% or it can be used at as little as 4ml a Gallon and no Epsom salt is not same thing


Buying it right now. @Donaldj you are a life saver!


It won’t deliver in time. Maybe the local hydro store has some.


Plants are coming back to Life!!! Thank you everyone for all your support in helping me with my grow!


Im not sure if you’ve heard… but i LOVE this site :joy::rofl::joy:


Hey Vexer, sorry I’m late chiming in (been sick)… I appreciate the tag and have read through entire thread except last few. I had this same issue “brown algae” quickly turning to rot when girls were nearly 2 weeks old…happened in just over 24 hrs… investigation was on!

First went the peroxide route… I doused them heavy handed too… not much improvement after several treatments. Here’s what I did and it is magic “Great White Mycorrhizae”. Saved my plants from the algae/rot.

You don’t need much although I doubled the dose… it’s been 10 days, no reservoir change & my roots are stark white, water is crystal clear… ppm/ph right on spot… they are 3 and 3 1/2 wks old… thriving like wild. I’d show pics but on laptop right now with no vpn… will begin a journal and tag you. It’s always a positive to keep in touch & bounce idea’s/findings off one another… we’re all still learning :wink:

Sure hope your babies are doing much better :leaves:… will keep in touch ~ Key


They’re back! Lost a lot of leaves but at least they will grow into beauties.