Vexer is Feminizing

That looks really good

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Tops are turing up!


This is my first scrog FYI. Bought the net and decided not to use it a while back so glad I could finally get some use out of it.


Hell ya nice looking buttons

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Thanks bro, I’m super excited for a bid grow finally after all the feminization stuff. These girls look more beautiful everyday.

Bud grow** not bid grow haha

Hell ya you get tones of seeds

@kw_Bat have you seen this thread very good info in useing silver

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Yeah, I have read through it.

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Not much to update on the BD feminization. I am still spraying her with 50ppm CS 1-2 times a day. Her pistils are receding and I think I see small sacs starting to form but still to hard to tell. Simply just a waiting game at this point. The bottom 2 branches are for the pollen and top 2 are for buds to pollinate for feminized BD seeds. Then I will take the Blue Dream pollen and pollinate a Gold Leaf to make Dub Nation.

My first scrog in a 4 x 4 net with 3 Romulawi Glue ladies is continuing to look better everyday.

Awaiting their turns in the tent.


Been a while since I posted, but now I have the full update on all my girls.

As far as my feminization goes, Blue Dream is starting to develop nice looking pollen sacs thanks to the 50 PPM , colloidal silver application. I will pollinate the top female buds to make feminized Blue Dream, and then I will pollinate Gold Leaf with that pollen to make DUB NATION in Honor of the Blue and Gold of the GS Warriors. We call them the “Dubs” short for “W” for all the non basketball fans lol.



Next, I am proud to announce the arrival of the first seedling of her kind. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Gold Rush (Gold Leaf x GDP). Fresh seeds are hard to pop so still working on my Purple Dream and Papa Smurf. Either way I am super stoked for the first seedling of my own genetics!

The 3 ladies Romulawi Glue SCROG is going very well and the tops are on the rise. I’m around 2 weeks into flower. I don’t always keep track because the plants tell me when they are ready lol.

Here are two more plants I will feminize:

The delicious Platinum OG

And the heavy hitting Skywalker OG

The rest of the back yard crew with the OGs, a big Blue Dream, 4 GDPs, 3 Bell peppers and 1 jalapeno plant lol.

And yes I have a few clones I don’t want or even need.

Okay, now I’m done!


Looking Good!, can’t wait to see the outcome of your hybrids

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Thanks man! It will be an exciting grow considering I don’t know what the plant typically looks like. I hope the combination goes well.

I’m biting my tongue to try and keep from germinating the hybrids I just did.

I’ve got

NL male (best out of 11 males)

X 9 different Afghani Phenotyoes
X Bluberry Auto
X white Widow Auto

Skunk #1 Male (best of three)

X Blueberry Auto

And then there is all the other seeds I will make in a few months.

I really want to wait for an indoor grow when growing the hybrids so I can do some further selective breeding in more controlled environment.

I’m watching!!!


Nice, make sure to take me if you do a grow journal.

Will do!

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Looking good. And congrats on the gold rush baby. I hope she does well.

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The Purple Dream I created popped!

Romulawi Glue SCROG

BD (colloidal silver)

Gold Rush seems to be having issues creating her next set of leaves, but she will figure it out.

Made some room on the side yard for all the outside plants.

I left the big Blue Dream girl alone. She likes her spot in the yard.


Hellz ya bro doing green thing


I have now officially completed my first year of growing cannabis. Just hit me how much I have learned in a year and it blows my mind haha. I love this shit!