Vetur's First Grow: Green Crack, Chemdawg, LSD strains

First time indoor grow: soil setup. Purchased Green Crack, Chemdawg, and LSD seeds from this seed bank run by some kinda nerd. :wink: That’s meant in every good way possible.

Pretty excited about this. From a horticulturist angle, these plants are just gorgeous and are growing quickly in a very rewarding way. Germinated the seeds in ziploc baggies with water in the pantry; it took about 24 hours and the tails were already forming. Potted them up and in the next 24-48 hours they poked their heads into the world. At 11 days they already look like individual cultivars. Green Crack is my favorite (don’t tell the others!!) because of the beautiful symmetry of the leaves.

Chemdawg has a similar shape but the lobes are cut down more and cup upwards at the edges in an equally lovely way.

LSD is looking closer to a laceleaf japanese maple than a cannabis plant! J/K I guess; this is my first grow after all.

Sorry for the blurriness of those pictures…that’s what you get from a phone with the lights off. One of these days I’ll do a proper photo shoot of these lovely seedlings.

First 5-lobed leaves today! And they’re beginning to have a certain odor. :wink: The babies are looking good at 2 weeks old.