“Veterans”, to trim or not to trim. First hydro grow!

This is my first hydro grow RDWC. I wanted to give it a try from reading about the growth rate and yields. Plants are 6 wks and are healthy with no deficiencies. Should I trim some of my lower and inner fans or what. Thanks for the info.


Id definitely trim up the overlapping leaves for some better airflow. You don’t have to take a lot at once either. I find it easier to take a small handful a day maybe 5-7 leaves and just open it up for better airflow. When the leaves start sitting on top of each other you can have little water droplets form on leaves and that can caude powdery mildew

Personally I would wait until you transition to flower. At 3 weeks from first preflowers do a defoliation: strip everything in the bottom 1/4 to 1/3 off and remove any fan leaves that restrict light and airflow.


@rjsr4111 Growers choice really but im still learning and @Myfriendis410 is more experienced and still correcting me from time to time lol. I try to help to the best of my knowledge but there is much i still need to learn


I usually take off the bottom third a couple of weeks into flowering. Beyond that I only trim if necessary to improve airflow within the plant.


Personally I would wait until week 3 of flower and remove the very bottom growth and selective pruning mid center and tie some of the side branches off to help with opening them up for air circulation and lighting. Maintaining your air circulation, Temp, RH and air exchange are important in the flowering stage :love_you_gesture:


Thanks for all of the help.

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Lollipop is what I do, also. Which reminded me of a song… :speaking_head: :point_up_2: :banjo: :notes:


Alot of different opinions you will find on this subject. I like to do a good defol a wk before the flip. Then day 21. I like to not have to strip as much on day 21, if i did all of that at once, seems like a bit too much to do at once. Atleast strip the bottom third by day 21 one way or the other lol. Good luck

Thanks for all of the sound advice, but one thing I forgot to mention. These are autos.
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