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Glad you are growing again, that is therapy in itself. Things are going to work out for you, it will get better, you and your Doctors just need good communication and in some cases you may want to keep charts of daily events( if you don’t already) so nothing is missed. I wish you the best Jerry.

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Good Morning all my Vet friends, hope you are having a great day. I have something here that some of you suffering from inability to sleep (insomnia) may want to explore.

I talked to my provider about not liking to take Lunesta because it leaves me with a morning hangover for a few minutes to an hour or more. She said to take the 3 mg now and after I started getting regular sleep, cut it back to 2mg and see if that helps. Since they have had so much trouble finding meds for me, they have me testing an Alpha Stim machine. It sends alpha brain waves to certain parts of the brain and is AMAZING in how easy it puts me to sleep. I put it on for 60 minutes the other day and I slept almost immediately after laying down!

It is supposed to be used 2-3 times a day initially and then can be tapered down to once a day or less depending on how it works for you. After using it for 60 minutes (slept 45 of those minutes) I awoke and felt great. No hangover, no depression or anxiety from it. In fact, I had NO depression and NO anxiety in the past 20 hours or so since I used it. I went outside and everything seemed clear in my mind and I actually felt rested and happy. Something I have not felt for almost a year !

Not saying it is for anyone else but I am sold on it. My wife said that she does not care about the price , “get it and I do not care about the price as long as you can sleep”.

I pick up the machine on the 29th. Am hoping I can take myself off all of those other meds. It might not be a possibility where you are but might not hurt to mention it, they have the machines in the VA system. I believe they have a contract with an outside company.

Wish you all the best in plants and health. Jerry :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:



Hey bud, howz the alpha stim doing?



Hasn’t made a huge difference in my sleep but depression and anxiety are WAY Down ! ! Thanks for asking



That is 2/3 the way there. I have weaned off the hardcore meds already. Panic attacks and anxiety, still a problem my doc doesn’t quite understand. Glad it is helpful for ya.




I saw someone dressed in uniform as a Navy Corpsman last week and went over to talk to him as we have a strong bond between fellow Corpsmen. He was talking about his time at Camp Pendleton and Field Medical Service School (FMSS). Some of the things he said sounded a little weird so I excused myself and brought over a fellow veteran and we both agreed that he sounded phony. My friend, Bill, agreed that he was a fake and that he knew NOTHING about being a Corpsman.

With all his claimed “Combat Action”, he knew nothing about the Marine Corps and tactics you use in combat. ALL Corpsmen are trained that in FMSS and would surely have used it if in Afghanistan where he claims he was ! ! He also had no knowledge about common things that happen in the Navy.

We called our friend that we ride Harley’s with (who just happens to be a local sheriff) and told him we had a Stolen Valor person here and we were talking to him to keep him here. He said he would be right there and was in five minutes.

When Alan showed up, he had on his leathers and a Marine Corps T-shirt. He walked up to me and hugged me and said “how are you doing brother”? and did the same to Bill. He turned to the guy in uniform and saw his caduses on his sleeve. Al reached out to hug him and the guy pulled away from him and would not let go near him. The fake sailor said “I don’t hug people” and backed away another step.

Al said "You must have been in the wrong Marine Corps, we love our corpsmen and would sacrifice anything for them. I have never had a “Doc” not hug me when we met.
The guy started to get real nervous and said he was going to leave and did not even say goodbye to anyone, just turned and left.

That is when Al pulled his badge and asked for his identification. He claimed he had none on him. You are required to carry your military ID at ALL times when on active duty. He was taken to jail and I haven’t heard from Al yet. I’m sure that he will call when he gets disposition on him. Hope they throw the book at him, he deserves it for using a military uniform to get discounts at stores. Men and women died wearing that uniform and he is disgracing it.

OK, I’ll got off the soapbox now, ,but it really makes me mad !

Hope ya’ll have a great day and abundant harvests.



Wright on Jerry, good catch my friend, have a great day

your friend



Good catch, bro. F that pile.

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Agree we see it here in Australia but not that often. Scum bag mofo…not sure why they do it. Had a guy purchase a fridge of me telling me he was in. I chatted with him a bit and it was clear he hadn’t…so told him to leave before he got some skills training :joy::joy::open_mouth:





Always somebody trying to get something for nothing but that is disgraceful!
If he tried that at a bar or e club can you imagine the ass whoopin…hehehe

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I had my neighbor over to smoke, and he said he’d been in the military. I found it hard to believe, just from how he speaks, carries himself, etc., but I was excited to have another vet living right next door, and I was interested. You can’t judge a book by its cover. I asked which branch, where at, etc., and he just seemed off. Then I asked what he did, like MOS, and he said “I don’t like to talk about it.” I’m civil when I see him, but he hasn’t been invited back. I can’t give you specifics of how I know he’s full of crap exactly, but y’all know, I know. You know? Ha!



One thing you find is a LOT of Vietnam vets will not talk about what happened over there. I got the inside from a friend that I have known for 45 years. He has talked to me about combat exactly once ! I mentioned my new PTSD and he opened a whole new world to me. I feel like a wimp compared to him. Two Purple hearts, bronze star and he was a corpsman ! ! He helped me through some bad times recently.

Sometimes it is hard to tell the Stolen Valor but, you are right, if it doesn’t sound right, it is much better to ask more questions or get more info. This was the first time I had ever reported someone for it but I was so sure as was my friend. We were right this time.

If you’re wrong, you can get sued for defamation of character. In this case, it was DEFINITION of his character. He had NO Character for impersonating a military person!

Have a great day !

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Maybe I’m judging. I understand not wanting to talk about certain things, but he didn’t even want to say which branch. Everyone deals with everything in their own way. Everyone is a little different. What’s a piece of cake to you might be a ball buster for me. I’m glad you have a good close friend like that. I normally don’t pay much attention unless something is way off. Sounds like the guy you ran into WAS a character smh…

Take care, brother! :v:

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Good points I agree…the thing is I absolutely get not talking about your shit that impacts you…I don’t ever and don’t care what people think. But I am happy to talk to my service and stuff around it.

Can tell pretty quick when someone is full of shit or trying to embellish their service also.





Got some terrible news today. A corpsman that I trained as an E-2 got killed in Afganistan last week. About crushed me, He was a AWESOME Corpsman and had a wife and two kids. May God find a special place for him in Heaven. He was two months away from retirement and should have not been there anyway ! Really didn’t need to hear this any day ! So low right now that I am going to a meeting of a bunch of vets with PTSD. Almost tempted to say "Screw it and smoke a bowl or twelve.

Attached this for him. R.I.P. HMCM and prayers for your family. We have the watch now. Until later my friend.

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