Veteran's Corner


Hope you had a great Christmas and thanks for the words of confidence. Thank you for your service. Semper Fi !


@skgrower Hi Rob. Would like to join in the lab but money is a little tight now, a lot of travel involved in my CBT for PTSD and Insomnia.

I have seen several growers go to capsules with good results. Once I get the space to grow enough to make capsules I will try it. Right now I can’t grow more than one plant due to family considerations while growing.

Have a Happy New Year and great crops in 2019 ! Gerry :us: :man_farmer::sunglasses:


0300 and nothing going on. Can’t sleep so I thought I would take some pictures. This is the remainder of my Skywalker OG that I harvested in April this year, along with some other memories of the service and other activities I do.

No PTSD appts for 21 days and then I start with a new provider. I am changing to focus on getting sleep instead of the PTSD. They may be connected but I do not think so. We will see. Meantime I am going to work on those buds and smoke them down to size !

New crop starting today. Will be putting Northern Lights fem seed in a paper towel and get her going. Can’t wait to get back to growing.


The main thing is having enough to do extraction on the bud. I usually use an oz of decarbed weed for 120 capsules.



My sleep, or lack thereof, affects everything in one way or another. Some things suffer more than others. For example, when I don’t get much sleep, it’s harder for me to stay “grounded” in reality, for lack of a better way of saying it. I’m not as aware and on top of things and emotions, feelings, and attitudes can sneak up on me. I’ll be in a terrible mood and really on edge when I don’t sleep well. In short, for me anyway, it’s all connected. Sleep is a fuel like food for me, and the less I have, the worse a lot of my symptoms get.

Happy New Year to you all! May this year be better than the last.

P.S. I’m pretty miserable lately. We’re moving again soon, but into another place I can’t grow for now. Will trim for bud! Lol :v:


My ptsd affects my sleep patterns @TxGrowman the VA gave me trazedone for it but that stuff makes me groggy as hell hope you get everything squared away brother happy growing


I got the same stuff. It’s hard for me to function, as is. But the day after a night on it is like a hangover on top of it.


Trazafone doesn’t do a damn thing for me. The PTSD is an unseen problem that needs far more research. I also suffer from flashbacks during sleep, definite lack of sleep, I have always gotten excellent service from VA. I think it’s because I’m combat related vet. I can do a walk in and be seen within 15 minutes. However with that being said I have also checked into VA for depression PTSD and shell shock. No Loud Booms please. No large crowds please. I am honored to have served and often I wish I could go again. Air Assualt
B366th 1st ARCAV Division JTF6 - Operation Desert Storm -Kuwaiti invasion Force.
Wear your medals with pride
-Not even the President owns a National Defense Service Medal.
We have all lived through the unlivable,walked past the unmovable, and our minds are programmed to handle stress beyond the imaginable. I applaud everyone of my brothers and sisters!
Still we live on…


Hey I was on JTF-6!


I’m your avionic mechanic/side door gunner/ operations team member7. Fell 60ft to ground from chopper after Superman stretched out and flew into the blades


I was a JTAC - stationed at Carson. Can’t remember how I got on that TDY, but it was a pretty solid one, except for the OH-58 crashing.


@Bogleg @Viktor7 Welcome Aboard brothers ! I was a Marine Corpsman and would do it all over again. Desert Storm - 2nd MAW (Marine Air Wing).


Trazadone is a joke for me. Might as well take tylenol. They had me on Effexor and I was like a zombie. Made mistakes all the time in my budget and lost time when I was driving (scary). I am on sleeping pills (Lunesta) and sertaline now. Haven’t noticed any changes and still not sleeping. Getting frustrating.

Gonna grow some Northern Lights and get some sleep one way or the other. Heard NL puts you into couch lock and sleep.

Good Luck brothers ! Good growing !

Jerry :us::man_farmer:


Hey I was at MACS 6 Cherry Point (2nd MAW) 1980 to 1984


Man I always wonder who flew me from Germany. After everything I felt so safe.


I got to see much of MCAS during the first part of ODS. Not much except golf and running.


We used to go to Minnesott Beach area and bury kegs in the sand and waste an entire 96. 17 thru 21 years of age where not my smartest years. Made lifelong friends all over the world though and enjoyed a lot of good times.


I think most of us can identify with that statement on age !

The friends and the good times were many for me. I ran a lot to keep in shape and stay up with the Marines when running with the company. Most of The Corpsmen at the RMST almost never ran, avoiding it actually. I liked being with the Companies and not at Regiment. Got to shoot all the weapons including the 81mm mortars. They were fun to shoot. I learned about setting up, shooting and adjusting where they shot. I was with them in the field and listened to the classes if I wasn’t busy. My unit liked that and I learned a lot of things that I could do if I wasn’t busy doing medicine.

Some of the Corpsmen did not want to be with the Marines. Many felt sometimes that we were bastard stepchildren that no one wants to take care of. I had a much better time and more fun when I was stationed in the FMF vs the Navy ! The commradeship I got and my treatment by the unit when I was with The Marines left a lasting impression on me. I have many more friends that are Marines than any other branches of the service. It is a good team: Marines and their “Devil Docs”.


@TxGrowman I think I partied with every Corpsman that was on every field exercise I went on, and as a Marine you get around quite a lot. I was a weapons controller at Marine Air Control Squadron 6 at MCAS Cherry Point and at MACS 5 at Futenma on Okinawa. That was the best camaraderie I have ever known, and still talk regular to some of them after almost 40 years. I never needed one but it was nice to know your Corpsman was there. We all looked at you guys as one of us, so thank you …Brother.


Good Morning Fellow Stoners, Growers and Vets,

I’m getting back into the growing again and I think that is helping me as much as the medicine. I started some Northern Lights a week or so ago and it is growing its fourth set of true leaves already.

@daz49 Appreciate you keeping me informed about what is going on.

I have spent 8 days admitted for depression this month. No suicide thoughts but seriously depressed. My admission doctor said it was no wonder I was depressed with all the crap going on with me. He is talking about admitting me for 30 day intensive therapy for my PTSD. They finally gave me a sleeping pill that works. I guess when they finally looked at my past medications, they figured I better get some sleep soon or I am at “significant risk” (their words) for a “serious event”. They put me on 3mg of Luenesta every night and I am sleeping about 6 hours a night. Feels nice to be somewhat rested after waking up. They gave me 3 months worth of refills. Hopefully that will bring me out of the daze I have been in. Not sure I am all for 30 in patient program but it may be needed.

I will tag everyone when I get my journal going, but by the time I get it going I may be flowering already (just kidding!).

Hope you all are doing good. Jerry :sunglasses::us::man_farmer: