Veteran's Corner


I just came home from the VA a couple of hours ago. I had to do a walk-in with no appointment because my back is hurting so bad that I can barely move at all. I was expecting to have to wait for hours to see a doctor. I was shocked when they came out almost immediately, put me in a wheelchair, and wheeled me straight back to an exam room. I was talking to my doctor within 15 minutes. The change in attitude and service has been remarkable. It’s too bad cannabis doesn’t help your PTSD. It’s about one of the safest things you can do. Zanex works good for most people, but it makes you feel weird and sleepy. It’s also addictive. I’m fortunate in not having PTSD from my service. All killing was done from a distance in the Navy. I had PTSD from 2 grandchildren die in a fire. I couldn’t stop crying and my back problems caused me to have to use heavy opiates to be able to work. I was a terrible person at the time. Snapping at everyone and wondering why God did this to me. Someone told me to watch a movie called ragamuffin and I would understand how God’s grace works. I watched it and that’s when I realized that I couldn’t stop the PTSD without God’s help. I asked for, and got his help. At a price! No more opiates or benza (whatever zanax is) and trust him to do the driving. I did and he literally carried me for a few months until I learned to deal. :wink::sweat:Rob


You wanna do pure kannabos resin fam and eat it cause it will help don’t mix wid any thing put bit on biscote everyday or make it out of skunk but the best one is the one they all weed make frm that if you want help to make I will talk u round in @skgrower


I’m going to @Shuggz, but right now I don’t get enough yield to make it. I only get about 2oz per plant. I’m about to start scrogging to get enough bud to start making medicine that’s healthier for me. Butter and oil are not so great for a 60 year old :heartbeat:. I would be happy to try what you use.


Glad to hear brother ! Those back problems were so rough on the guys I used to take care of at the VA when I was still a P.A. I have started to believe similar with my problems. I can’t carry the load alone anymore so I got some help from God. He got me to where I want to be but now it is my turn to prove that I am worth staying there.

My PTSD course will last about 3-4 months with a two year follow up and repeat if needed. I wasn’t happy to hear that the relapse rate is pretty high unless you stay in counseling ! Whatever I need to do.

Hope you continue to improve. Jerry


You are always worth it in his eyes Jerry. He loves you more than anything. Just tell him that when you can think of it. It’s all he wants to hear from us. Jesus took care of the sin thing so put that out of your mind and focus on how much you mean to him. I got my dignity back by losing my pride and giving up on fighting for stuff I didn’t really care about and accepting what he gives and living one hour at a time. :angel: Oh, and tell :japanese_goblin: to go the hell away.


Here check this and the one plant u get two oz frm use the hole plant you wanna try to push out the resin or pure alcohol

this now I have my one but try to get the one people use to on knife and then put in zoot the one b4 skunk come out @skgrower @TxGrowman


I missed Veterans Day on here, and I’m disappointed to not see a single post. Thank you all for your service, and your sacrifices. :v:


Well, I’m still in classes for PTSD and they aren’t getting any easier ! I have writing assignments and have to talk out all my issues. The writing is killing me so I finally told him I have to type it. My fingers will not hold a pen for several hours at a time. I am on meds that are making me worse and finally had to request another doctor as the one I had was not reacting to my needs.

I have been using very little pot for the last month. I still have over an oz of Skywalker that I am now smoking a little until I get a new doctor. Will find out what is going to happen on Monday.

Here is some of a bud that I opened the other day. It has been sealed in a jar with Boveda 62% packets in it and it is still aging nicely. Nice and smooth and kicks like a mule. LOVE IT !

Jerry :us::man_farmer:


@TxGrowman, Man you would think the military intelligence (what a conundrum) would have figured out the benefits and cost analysis for using cannabis as a therapeutic drug by now. I guess my favorite Master Gunny was right " The Marine Corps has been doing it this way for 2011 years Sgt. --------- (my name), we aint going to change it just because you found an easier way. I hope they get you taken care, and at least get you some piece of mind, brother…


Hey Jerry,
Sorry for going off topic, but I just wanted to say hello and was wondering how you have been getting along these days. I got a lot to do today but still maybe I’ll just go ahead and give you a buzz

Your friend


Just sitting around Bongin’ on my Da Buddha vaporizer. That skywalker is getting so smooth it is amazing. Been aging it very carefully and keeping a close watch on it. The partial bud in the pic above is almost gone. Have to stop smoking again when I start a new doctor next week hopefully.

I never got to NY last month. Starting getting sick and did not want to take the chance so I stayed in TX and so far am doing well. We are getting cold but not much snow. Looks like you have been getting some.

I am not doing anything today so you can call anytime. Take care brother !




@TxGrowman you must have a splash of aussie blood somewhere in there,great slang mate bongin,love that term,made my day :slight_smile:


Don’t know about aussie blood in me but I am going to visit Australia this coming year in mid May to visit some of my wife’s family. The first time I’ve been “down under” and am looking forward to it for sure. :us::man_farmer:


You should join the lab and they’ll teach you how to make capsules like I have. They really do relieve pain. Smoking is only for the head. Extractions (butter/oils/pills) are the way to go. Been using them for a month and they make a huge difference



Bongin’ at Home !


AH, what a GREAT way to spend a day. :us: :us: :man_farmer: :sunglasses:


Hi everybody and thank ya’ll for your service im also a vet and the va gave me a 70 pct rating for my ptsd subscribed me two pills that dont do jack so i decided to grow me some goodness


Soon olde Santa will be in town. Hope you have your buds ready, the jolly olde elf is coming and needs a hit or two to help him on the way. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all my friends at ILGM.

Even the Lama is getting in the spirit.



@TxGrowman haha sounds awesome,if your near the east coast giv us a yell will have a beer waiting for you trooper :slight_smile: merry christmas :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas @TxGrowman and everyone else who reads this. May your new year be filled Joy, not just the joy of BUD.I found this while making room for a new grow area and thought I would share .I got it in Seoul in `82

Jerry, stick it out brother using what works for you. I am a long way from Texas but if you want to talk I am one @ away.