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#562 somthing to laugh at :slight_smile:


I feel like a ZOMBIE ! They have me on medication for PTSD and it is making me dizzy and unable to sleep more than before. I almost went to sleep driving to the VA the last week. This medicine NOT in my top ten medicines that I would ever take. Even worse, I sit around the house staring at the walls and the TV and have no idea of what I watched all day. I talked to my neighbor for ten minutes yesterday and after I left, I realized that I have absolutely no idea about what we talked about.

Going to get off it Tuesday AM when I see my doctor. This stuff s dangerous. Hope they can hurry up and get that evaluation done so I can get off this medicine. Ya’ll take care and be safe ! Jerry:us::man_farmer:


Be safe, brother! :v:

On a side note, it might be entertaining later to talk to your neighbor and find out what you might’ve said! :smile:


@TxGrowman just an update on my experience with the VA. All I can say is someone lit a fire under their ass. They treated me like I was still active duty. Last summer the doctor said “what do you want us to do. Your civilian records say everything has been done that can be done for
Your back.” I had to go back for the yearly visit to get all the usual old people meds and I was treated like a returning war hero. The New doctor fully understands using cannabis for pain. He is also having my whole back scanned with contrast. That’s never been done. I don’t care about anybody’s politics or anything else when it comes to Vets, but I would personally thank the president from the bottom of my heart for this.
I had given up and resigned to living life in slow motion at the high dosages of THC and CBD
I need for the pain. About 2g of CW in edibles every 8 hours. Maybe they can help me. At least they’re going to try. As I said, someone lit a frickin fire under some ass. Bout time. Sorry I only tagged @TxGrowman. I read so many threads I can’t keep up. I know all of us here really are THE FEW THE PROUD and honored to have served our countries.
Rob S.

Ok, I went back to the beginning and read the whole thing again so I could tag all the people who were on this thread. I know some are gone from here, but to all of you anywhere that served your country you really are from a small but tight group of people in the history of your country.
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I certainly can relate to that, my friend… And also to that…

I was bless to find my family doctor and my neurologist… They both are supportive with me and understanding the route I choose to go with cannabis instead of opioids or electrodes implant in my brain for my cluster headaches… As so for treating my self for my bladder cancer…

I am not a vet, but greatly respect veterans, as you know… I sworn to bob31 that I will never again speak politic here and I intend to respect that promise… :wink: :v:

I sincerely hope so for you, brother :+1: :crossed_fingers: Living with constant pain or in the expectations for it to last and endure is exhausting and consuming… I know…

However, with help of God , fast(er) medical pierced and with the help of our family and friends, we will pass through…, :wink: :v:

Welcome back, brother :grinning: :+1: :v:

I love you :heart::+1: :v::innocent: :frog: And you will be in my thoughts and prayers… :pray: :innocent:

~Al :v::innocent:


If it weren’t for God, I would have given up long ago. Grace keeps me going every day. Thanks for the encouragement. I know grace will be there for you too.


By the grace of GOD and the blood of the son. We are blessed.


Preaching to the choir son. All he wants from us is for his children to actually tell him that we love him. I’m surprised at how many believers don’t get this. Just tell him every day and you’ll find your life changing for the better real quick. I know this is about Vets so I won’t hijack it to talk about God. That’s a subject I can spend days on @Holmes


I did not serve just have a major soft spot in my heart for veterans… Not to mention a huge amount of respect for those who have served, those serving now, and the families of those who serve. I had 2 children and had custody and chose to be a father.
Thats awsome that they are trying to get something resolved or at least more than other doctors had previously done. Congrats on that…


@skgrower Great to hear that you are getting good are there. You are right about the fire under the ass at the VA. I went for an initial visit and all my new problems were addressed including referrals for PTSD and hearing aids, which are free ! VA has my vote for the most changed provider in the last three years.

ABOUT TIME they started taking care of those who defended this great nation ! Jerry :us: :man_farmer:


Dehydrate your harvest within 3 hours but don’t let your temp drop past 45°, this will let your buds dry extremely fast but not lose your terpines, this method will give you a very loud strong pungent result in your buds.


@skgrower are you in the u.s or oz,?


I’m a US Navy vet @aussie123556


@skgrower former navy vet myself! @aussie123556 guessing you’re Aussie, man I’ve drank queit a few beers with you boys in foreign ports mate!


@skgrower nice mate,is always good to hear from you guys :slight_smile: tks again for your service


@ARGrower yeah i bet it was more than a few you liar,bahahahahaha :slight_smile:tks for your service mate,would love to hear a story or 2 one day, :slight_smile:


I got a chance to talk to him and he said that all we talked about is the normal stuff ! Good thing that is !


Some times the demons from within are harder to shake and most of the time do not want to leave easily. On top of my health problems, the VA thought it might be a good idea to exorcise my demons also. It is hard work doing that and not a lot of fun ! Want to get this done and go on with my life. Making some progress but it seems like it is “One step up and two steps back” sometimes. I am grateful for the professional help. THE VA HAS CHANGED for the good!

I haven’t used any pot in a week now. It was not really helping me anyway. I have nothing against it but for me it did not work. I was thinking it did but after I started looking at it, I really wasn’t getting anywhere. I have seen and heard of several vets that have no problems with PTSD using pot. I am glad they can get out of it that easy, it doesn’t do it for me.

Hope everyone is doing well and having a successful grow. Jerry :us::motorcycle::sunglasses: