Veteran's Corner


Yes I have been to the VA in North Texas and I was amazed. I got in to see my primary doctor for initial physical and work up in good time. He got me in to see the eye specialist and referrals to the lung docs and ortho. I worked the same place in the past and noticed a generally much improved attitude in the nursing staff and clerks. My doctor was caring about my problems.

Overall, a vast improvement over 2 years ago when I left due to poor attitude from almost EVERYONE in the building ! !


Awesome Tex! Still a bit slow on my end. I’m had you had a good experience!


I would think trying his ILGM mail or pass it on through Latewood or one of the senior advisors should work. Maybe we could get a Veterans Day special.


Nope @Happy_Pappy. I live far enough away for Veterans Choice and it’s still 2 months to see my family doctor. Tried to get in to see VA doctor at the VA and same thing. Told them my prescriptions expired and I need the diabetes and blood pressure meds, so I need to see a doctor. They basically said tough that’s the best they can do.


Sorry I guess I might’ve missed you there. I’m from Dallas county but I don’t live there anymore. I don’t want to say exactly where until we’re legal, but about 200 miles Southwest now.


@latewood we were just talking about getting an ILGM Mix pack together for the Vets…someone suggested you may know who to ask. Something like Vertans Mixpack or something along those lines?



Hey there my friend long time no hear, This one go’s out to you and all the other Vet’s hear at ILGM


Thanks Will. Great song. I tried to call you a couple times but never got through. Hope you are doing well. I am in between grows right now. The Skywalker I grew (BOM Winner) gave me over three ounces out of my small grow box. I was happy with that. Trying to get another grow in before the holidays. Am moving to AZ for the winter/early spring to get away from the allergy problems in TX. Not sure if it will be better but have to find a place better than here.

You still riding your HD? I still have mine but do not get to ride it much. Take care brother. :us: :man_farmer:


I think that slowly the system will come around ! Pelosi stopping the VA health Care bill in Congress sure didn’t make it any better for us.

Take care brother. Hopefully, the VA will get better all the way around. :us: :man_farmer:


My mumber changed that’s why


Happy Independence Day to all my fellow veterans. Thank you for serving this great nation !



@garrigan65 great version (heroes) :slight_smile: tks


This is an old one from Down Under, and while older than the Ocean, it is a good song that gets played a bit. For all the other Vets out there here I think it can still resonate with the message and impacts.


@Mudcrab01 am having a tinnie of vb now,great pic :slight_smile: R.I.P to the fallen


Wow I found this and have been reading thru here. 1st off I am not a vet, one of my only regrets in life. However fatherhood called over service. I have 2 brother in laws who both served, one gets treated very well by the VA however his wife I’d still active military and they still live on base. And another who says they wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his guts were on fire. It really pisses me off that you guys cant care but illegal aliens get it all.


marijuana has helped me big time with ptsd.


Thank you Sir…


Have been going back and forth to the VA once a week for PTSD treatment. The doctors there said I got a poor evaluator for my comp and pen eval and they are working to get me re-evaluated for PTSD to be on my record. Doing a lot of driving but it will be worth it if I can get a better percentage of disability. More money and not having to pay for my medication.

The doctors and staff are really working hard to get what they think I deserve to have and should have had a long time ago according to them. I am impressed with the new VA. In three weeks, I get my hearing aids so I can actually hear people talk again. Can’t wait to be able to talk to someone without having to have them repeat everything I say ! !

:us: :man_farmer:


hey Jerry, i’m not far from where you go . When you come back this way. Let me know and i’ll make time to hit the road.


No honorably discharged veteran should have to pay anything for medicine or medical treatment at all. I’m pushing this issue with our congressman and senators. Maybe I can get them to listen.