Veteran's Corner


Should hit ILGM for to make up a Veteran Mix Pack lol


What do we want in it? Trainwreck would be one of my top choices.


GG would have to be one?


“Dogs of War” mix pack :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Someone gave me 4 GG feminized, but they wouldn’t grow for some reason. Heard good things about it @Mudcrab01


@skgrower haven’t grown it either but plan to next grow.


I just finished 4 chronic widows among other strains and I really like the taste of the smoke and the tremendous head buzz. Mostly I do edibles because of agonizing pain in my lower back, but I do like a good head high now and then.


I am going to do edibles with this grow making bubble, and then will decarb to make oil and use that. Haven’t done it before so I need to work out how much hash to quantity of oil.


Hey brother, we live VERY close together considering this is an international group. I live in Dallas County also. Do you ride motorcycles ?

FOr the Veterans Pack, AK-47 has to be one for sure !


I haven’t grown it yet but, last time I went to a dispensary, I picked up some and it is a great medicine for me. Takes away a lot of arthritic pain. On my list of seeds I have but haven’t grown yet! Just not enough time to grow ! :us::man_farmer:


The AK stands for “achy knees” for me, and yes it works great!

For sure, AK-47 in the dogs of war pack. It, Liberty Haze, Master (Sergeant) Kush, Agent Orange (the name sucks, but it’s good meds), Mango Kush (so you don’t have to “get out of the boat.”), and Hell’s OG come to mind.


Good list !

AK-47 is the best or nearly the best I have run across for joint pain.


GDP is good, too, but pretty sleepy stuff.


Got some GDP on sale and still haven’t grown it. If it is a sleepy experience that is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I need sleeping medicine.


Maybe we can submit the idea of Dogs Of War or Veteran Pack to Robert and see what happens. I would buy it even though I have a monster stash of seeds currently. :us::man_farmer:


Can’t ride bikes or in a boat anymore unfortunately because the jarring around just hurts too much to take.


Yes sir, GDP is good sleep medicine for me, too. I’m having a bowl now! I think of it like the Blueberry body high, but not as strong, and with a different head high, if you can call it a high at all. Just slows me down a bunch, eases my pain, and relaxes me to sleep. In fact, I’m zoning out as I write this. Definitely a nighttime strain for me. And it tastes very unique, too. Good stuff :+1:


How would you send it to…


Hey guys. I had a general question and am not changing you subject. Is anyone noticing better service from the VA over the last year or so? I have not. Still slow and backlogged where I am.


Would like to figure out a way to meet up with you since we are so close together.