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@TxGrowman If you don’t mine my asking, are you a Vietnam era Vet?


No, I don’t mind at all ! I graduated HS the year that the draft stopped, 1973. My draft number would have been 12 ! Missed Vietnam and went to paramedic school. Two years later, I joined anyway ! Went to Desert Storm and some other interesting places.

I have a lot of friends I ride my Harley with that are Vietnam vets. I help with the Run For The Wall every year I am able. I would love to ride across the entire nation but I couldn’t keep up the pace they run at.


@TxGrowman thanks for sharing that with us
Im also a desert storm Vet
And merry Christmas to all of my fellow veterans
There are many of us here on iglm


That was beautiful, @TxGrowman…but I think someone just cut into an onion or something… :disappointed_relieved:


@TxGrowman I did not graduated HS I was on a road of no good. I was 17 when I joined the Navy in Jan 70. I was not of age to be sent to Vietnam at that time. I turned 18, May 24th 1970 and my draft number was 31, would have been pulled into the Army. In Aug 72, I was sent to train in how to handle ship board cargo and heavy weapons in prepairing to go to Vietnam.I landed in Saigon December of 1972 but my orders have been changed and they sent me to Diego Garcia out in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I count my blessings because I would have been on the river boats up and down the delta.


Well done Jerry, Thanks for posting!

:us: :christmas_tree::v::v::v:

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I felt life getting me down and went to my favorite place - the woods ! Took along my trusty bowl and proceeded to get in tune with nature again. A crisp 47 degrees and most Texans stay inside. I never saw one person in all the time I was out in the woods.

I came out of the woods to the parking area and met a fellow Navy medical that worked with the Corps. We stopped in the local bar to have some “Christmas cheer”. It was nice to be able to talk common backgrounds and see how many people he knows that I knew also. It happens a lot. Kinda fun to see what has happened since we served.

That Headband that I got in CO is not bad but I have several I like more that I what to grow first, I am anxious to get my next grow going - Skywalker OG.

Journal to follow when my house is clear of relatives that are visiting for the holidays. It will be hectic but I love getting together to celebrate Christmas with our family. And Grandpa duty galore, I will have a blast ! !

The day before they leave, I will start the seed and get my grow underway. Two of my guests are sleeping in what is going to be my nursery so i can’t start until they leave.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good high. Jerry :us: :anchor:


@TxGrowman, Merry Christmas and happy New Year Jerry. Micheal bm2rate


I know this is a late reply but I was wondering if you got your beans and started your scrog? I have a Skywalker OG lady stating to spread out in my Grow Box that I built

The Force is Strong in this one!.


My order for the Super Skunk Autoflower and Chronic Widow (fem) has been re-shipped but still haven’t arrived. It’s been 9 wks since the first shipping. Hopeful this week! On New Year day I started 3 bag seeds and will start 3 of the SSK (AF) when I get them.


Hey Brother Veterans.

Have a request for prayers to a fellow veteran who has just been admitted to the hospital for kidney surgery. Dennis is Vietnam Era and has multiple cancers all over his body, Agent Orange is the likely culprit. He has awesome insurance so he is not going the VA route.

He has been through two rounds of Chemo and one radiation. I was talking to him about trying Cannabis in a treatment program. He was convinced then his family talked him out of it. The second round of chemo has majorly screwed up his body. The cancer is returning faster than before and he has new ones showing up.

He has been fighting for two years now. Hope he can get through it. He lost his wife two years ago to an aneuryism in her brain. Thanks vets ! Jerry

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

I’m a daughter and granddaughter of Veterans and have offered up a prayer for your friend :pray:t2:


Absolutely Jerry! Please talk to him about the cannabis again, even if it just to help with the nausea related to the treatment (another angle).


I tried that angle too but his family just bombards him all the time. It is a shame, I really think that cannabis would help him better than the drugs that they are poisoning him with. All I can do is pray that all will come out for the best.


Can you sneak him some edibles?


I am just getting over a case of bronchitis from my NYS trip. I can’t even go in the hospital besides I do not want to risk getting him any sicker !

On top of that, the flu killed 6 people yesterday in Dallas County alone ! Two of our major hospital are taking major trauma only. They had the same problem several years ago when the Ebola virus was in Dallas. I do not even really want to go outside with my compromised breathing. My doctor is afraid I might not survive the current strain around here. All but one of the people that died of the flu had the shot! !

If it is not one thing, it is another.


I totally understand. And you need to listen to your doctor. That flu is everywhere this year and the shot has proven to be not effective. I’m extremely careful about going out in public during the winter flu season so I don’t bring it home.


@TxGrowman i saw a movie today about it,:frowning: it was called tks for your service,this is my problem atm,how do we help everyone on our own ?
rip to the fallen


Thank you @aussie123556. I had never seen the true words to that. I loved the movie “We Were Soldiers”

It is kind of sad that I found out a man I went to high school with lost his father at that battle. I did not realize that until I saw the list of men that died at the end of the movie. I contacted him and found out that it was his father.


Wooo-Hoo ! My friend, Dennis, came out of the hospital today after having part of the cancer removed inside his kidney. They did it without opening him up ! ! He is home resting quietly and happily, is out of the hospital away from all the people that have the flu. The number of dead is now 27 in Dallas County. I am not going anywhere unless I have to.

Thank all of you for your prayers ! He also said to say “Thank You” to everyone. After they told him he has no more treatment after this, he asked about going to Colorado for Cannabis treatment. I may have to go with him as I do not believe he can drive that far.

I am uncertain how to go about getting care for him but am researching it now. Does anyone have any experience treating cancer with cannabis? Any information at all will be greatly appreciated.