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They are backing it up with a hotline which went live today:

Time to make that call…

Make your voice heard about cannabis and it being a safer alternative for veterans health…

The VA Complaint line at the White House went live today



This is a good start but let’s see what they do with it. This is setting up to be a ten year time period before anything, (If anything) is done about the problem. All this does is set up something that the government can point to and say “see how much we are doing about this” When in reality it is really just putting it on the back burner so they don’t have to deal with it. Same old government.


Fighting tears brother. The bs makes me dark, full of rage, anger,and hate. I didn’t mean to go off the way that I did on our last conversation. I do love this nation, our vets and troops, and especially our family who paid the ultimate. I am not a people person. I lost my only son Oct 2nd 1993 in operation Gothic Serpent. He was 75th Ranger 3rd battalion B company in Hamar aka Mogadishu, Somalia. He tried so hard to be like me, all he ever wanted was for me to be proud of him. He tried so many times to form a bond. I told him clearly you want respect be a fkn man and join the Corps. He joined Army to piss me off. I’m sorry. I cant right now.


@maximusindica thanks for posting that brother. That has to be difficult. Your son is a true American Hero and so are you folks! God Bless You and thanks for your sacrifice

:star: :us:


Sorry to hear that brother. So hard to loose your son. I want to thank and send best wishes you and your family for sacrificing a loved one for our nation. Too damn many men and women are not coming home to their families.

Ya’ll take care. Jerry


Just saw this!


GOOD NEWS indeed ! Now if I could just get to a state that would allow MMJ. Just another reason I hate TX.


Thanks for sharing that ma’am! Much obliged! @Sl1

Hey Jerry you back home? @TxGrowman


Yup, got home today but not exactly a great situation. Gonna have to decide what to do. One of my ladies is dead and the other is just hanging on. (see my “Dream Plant” entries).

You may not be seeing me here for a while. I think it has come time to find a new place to live. Will catch ya later.



Ok brother I hear ya! Hope we cross paths again in the future! Best wishes :v:



WOW, Crazy stuff is happening.

My airway actually got bigger in the 2 last years ! I just opened a letter from my doctor that said that my airway actually got bigger over the last 24 months ! It enlarged by 4mm, it was 6 and now is 10mm ! He wants to make an appointment to meet with him and a research team of four doctors to review my case. He knows that I use cannabis and has decided this a good time to talk about it with his colleagues.

They want to researching cannabis for lung problems. It is still not an official research project yet but they have 70 other possible research possibilities (Lab Rats) besides me.

They want to talk to me and get a comprehensive history and physical on me because I am the only one that has my specific disease diagnosed ! ! This could be a big step forward for my disease and the field of Lung disease in general, including COPD which kills a lot of smokers every year.

It says if I am accepted to the project, medications will be provided. I would have to move to a MMJ state but there are several bordering TX. I could stand to smoke research Cannabis for free for about 12 months.

Will get the appt set up and see what happens. I am not getting my hopes too high but would be nice to contribute something to the MMJ cause.



Wow that’s really interesting. Hope it works out. Please keep us posted on this. Really cool!


Nice one buddy, that’s great news, about your airways and about the free cannabis, my doctor tells me as soon as it’s legal she’d be happy to prescribe it for me, that’s great news did you do any of the oils or was it just smoking and edibles, that really is great news for you my friend really well done you I hope things just get better and better for you and you keep getting offered more and more help :wink: :slight_smile:


I went to my medical research resources and it is already commonly accepted that cannabis has a positive effect on COPD ! !

I am so psyched that I may get a second chance to be somewhat healthy for a few years at the end of my life. I keep looking at the letter and am thinking, can I actually help myself and others with this research ? It is exciting to actually be at this point when it seemed so bleak 4 years ago. Sorry I keep going on but I can’t believe it is actually happening.

Good night and great sleep to you all. All except our friends down under who are in daytime now, G’day to you.


Great to hear all this news for you, Jerry!


@TxGrowman I have COPD , what research has been done with mj, and is smoking mj what helps or is it the extract as in the CBD


Have not gotten all the information yet but it looks like the CBD is in high concentration in most work I have found. It fights inflammation which is the biggest COPD problem. One paper mentioned high concentration of CBD and a lower concentration of THC also. I will try to get you the information for it ASAP.

Right now I am working on a complete medical history and all the medications that I have taken over the last 10 years to help with my breathing. Luckily, I have a complete record of all medication I have taken over the last 20 years. The information papers are over twenty pages long and I only have a week to get it put together ! ! I have an appointment in early August.

Will try to get back to you as soon as I get all the paperwork together. Jerry


@TxGrowman. Ty I have my dog on high cbds ,low THC for her cancer. ,in two weeks it has reduced the biggest tumor to nothing, it was ,120mm x 65mm x28mm ,now gone.


Here is some resources that I have not read over entirely yet but look interesting ! Unfortunately it is all in medical terms so might be hard to understand some of it but all looks promising. The last one is particularly interesting.

Hope this gives you some good information.



@TxGrowman,thank you a lot of reading ,about half way through it atm