Veteran's Corner


Oh no, I hope he’s feeling better soon, I hate being in hospital ,sending him my best wishes,much love sending his way


Hope he is OK , sending healing prays his way , send him our best.


Oh no, sending healing vibes for Jerry :pray:


@garrigan62 @Coltfire @darren @Sl1 Thanks all for the well wishes. Am home now and am weak as can be. Got pneumonia and some other breathing problems that they treated with isolation and a lot of antibiotics. I haven’t even heard of some of them ! Will be out of commission for a while. Did get my California Gold seeds today. Would like to get started on a new grow but will be a while now. Am tired and weak right now.

Ya’ll take care. Jerry


@TxGrowman you take it easy, rest up, sending healing prays your way


@TxGrowman glad to hear you’re home brother! We sure missed ya! Prayers your way!


Angels are with you, bro. Prayer for a speedy recovery. @TxGrowman :sunglasses::v:


Sending healing prayers, Jerry. Rest and take care.


rest and recuperate…I hope you’re feeling better and growing again real soon.


Take it easy brother an rest up


@Hawkeye_diesel hey brother just thought I’d stop by and see what’s going on. Haven’t caught up with you or Jerry for a bit @TxGrowman hope the trip is going well!


Hope everyone is doing well , I hope you all have a great weekend


Hey brother, good to hear from you. The trip kicked A$$ ! Had a great lady by my side and the road as our guide. How can you go wrong with a combo like that ???

Feel kinda down now that I am home. The call of the road kept me going ! To make up for that, going to a bikers rally today and gonna have a good time. Cold beer and hot babes ! Can’t beat it. Jerry


With thanks today to all who have served to protect our freedom


@Sl1 Thank you for remembering our vets that perished under fire.

Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, it marks the beginning of the summer season.

My family has to go back to the Civil War to have someone that died during a war. My great-great grandfather was a doctor in the Civil War and died as a result of his service in a prison camp in S. Carolina. Every generation since has veterans that served in the military since then but we have only one person that died while serving.

Thanks to all the families that have members that served and perished to keep this great nation free,

God Bless America.

Jerry, HMC/USN/USMC (ret)


Well done Jerry @TxGrowman and thank you for posting that @Sl1 it’s touching and fitting!

Same with me. All the way back to the civil war and rumors are the revolution as well.

My gg grandfather was captured and in a pw camp. Forget which one right off the top of my head. He fared better than two cousins that died, one in battle in the mountains around Knoxville TN and another that died of disease in Western Tennessee.

Many relatives served in WW1 all the way to the present!

My Flag flies 24/7 at the entrance to my home!

US Air Force Reserve retired 2002


Thanks Bob. My flag pole got taken down in a wind storm and I only fly a flag (3x5) on my back porch facing the road. Little flags fly on holidays and any day that I feel patriotic (that is a lot !)


This picture always tears me up. Vietnam was the first war that I ever lost a friend in combat that I knew personally. He was about 5 years ahead of me in school and I still remember that day he left for 'Nam. He said that he had a bad feeling about going and was dead one month later. I also have several friends that are still suffering from Agent Orange and war wounds that the VA never took are of. My brother in law died several years ago from Agent Orange caused cancer.

I still honor the Vietnam vets every year by participating in the “Run For The Wall” motorcycle ride from Calif to Wash DC every spring. I can’t make the ride but we have a rest stop in my town that they stop at overnight every year for the last 6 years. It takes 10 months of coordination to put together the food, lodging and events we have yearly.

Sadly, the number of Vietnam Vets riding gets smaller every year as they age but many younger vets from the middle east conflicts are riding more every year. The military service members has and always will be, the backbone of our country and teh reason we can live free !



About time they realized this…:smirk: