Veteran's Corner


That is exactly why I started this Veterans Corner, we vets understand each others problems. Glad your family is there for you. Take care brother. Jerry


Hey Jerry Will here dam that sucks man you were doing good there to. You better hang in there keep me posted if you can i’ll be praying for you buddy.
Hey if ya can pull it off call me and we’ll bull shit for a bit but only if you can don’t over do anything.

your friend


Been feeling really really down, just had the top half of my left lung cut away and just got out of hospital,

,I’m not allowed to stretch or lift anything or anything or anything like that, but I do have to be around my girl a bit ,I did miss her while I was in hospital


Hope you have a quick recovery


Thanks I’m doing my best, but my durban poison named Bertha, coming into season will help greatly with the healing


Sorry to hear about your leg Darren. My friend is facing the same cut leg or stemcell. Not sure what he’s talking about with the stemcell way. I pray your days will get better. RDG1951( Chromie)…


Well that gave me a little giggle lol, it wasn’t leg surgery i had ,it was cutting away the top of my left lung as there was a bulla on it, I have emphysema thick in both lungs, I had a bulla cut away from my right lung 10 year’s ago, which I gotta say was one of the worst experiences of my life, and now it’s my left lung, so surgery has come a long way in 10 year’s, so this one was keyhole surgery but man the level of pain comes right on back to you, but really thanks and I appreciate your sympathy, it’s not a pleasant journey , big love back at ya :wink:


Sorry bud I must of read it wrong. Dam cadarac are getting Chromie


No worries @Rdg1951 , you gave me a giggle while I’m feeling sore ,it’s a long old healing process but I’d feel better if I had some green for pain relief lol :wink:


Well my friend if you were closer I could help you out on that. Happy
growing and I hope your pain eases up. Chromie


Thanks my brother, and if you’re ever in my neck of the woods, then your more than welcome, I’ve only got 3 weeks left on my grow but it’s going to be a painful few weeks, I understand the body’s gotta heal itself but knowing that doesn’t make it hurt any less, just try to laugh through it, see if I can get any


Hope you are doing better brother! I dropped a lung after my last biopsy in March so I know about some of your pain but I know about lung pain mostly when i worked in a pulmonary unit for almost a year. Glad you have the grow to look forward to.

I got my strawberry kush done and is curing but is great just after drying. I am using some for my pain now. It keeps getting better the longer it cures ! Is nice and smooth since curing a little. Been curing for almost 4 weeks now.

Hope ya get better soon. Take care and take it easy for a while. That was no small thing you when through.



Thanks my brother , some of your strawberry kush sounds really nice, indeed no small thing at all, I’m in so much pain and I know why ,it’s because I’m healing but that doesn’t make it hurt any less, try and laugh it off lol, believe me if Bertha was ready I’d be drying her out now lol, but I’ll get through it brother and thanks for your message it’s nice you took the time


Just picked up this article in the 420 magazine. You may want to read this article, it effects vets in states where Cannabis is legal. Stay safe brothers !


Thought this was interesting. Seniors are a big lobby in Congress !


@darren How is the recovery coming brother ? Hope you are doing better. Take care and Happy 420 !


Hello my friend, still going through a fair bit of pain but I think that’s pretty normal, but I’m doing my best


Hang in there, it will get better !


Hey Guys - just stopping by to share this, saw it yesterday, its from last week’s Boston marathon…hardcore, proud and inspiring!



thought you mite want to know that i just got a tex message from Jerry and he is back in the hospital. he could not breath so he was admitted at 2nm this morning.