Veteran's Corner


@TxGrowman awesome to hear brother. It’s good to have options!


I have 3 that are waitin to be planted


I’ll tell ya brother, this is good medicine for me. If you SCROG those babies, you should get a huge yield. I came out better than I expected. The Main nug was way denser than I thought and was heavy. Damn, it feels good to be able to relax at night.


Damn, in the hospital again. Had lung problems (deflated lung) and they put a chest tube in. Don’t know if you have ever had one, but it is barbaric and also worked thank God! Kind of depressing, at least they gave me some really good pain meds (Dilautid) and valium injectable. I feel really mellow now and the doc is going to keep me this way until we get this cleared up. Good substitute for my SK.

My lung is re-inflated and they are going to do a radioactive scan to look at the lung and make sure I don’t have an embolism. Can hardly wait ! They are letting me use my laptop until the procedure. As long as I don’t exert myself, I can do this.

Ya’ll take care. Jerry


@TxGrowman Jerry I’m putting you on my international prayer list right now buddy and I hope all is well and all get well soon my friend God Bless !!!


Oh no sorry to hear that, I’ve just come out of hospital after having a lung bulla removed. I’m in a lot of pain with it and have a flutter bag attached to the drainage tubes, so I really hope you are OK buddy, get well soon my friend


Damn brother I hate to hear thay, hopefully they they can get you patched up quick an back to the house. If you need anythin holler


you all take care @TxGrowman

we’ll be looking forward to your next post…speedy recovery brother


Mine deflated from the biopsy.


Hope you are feeling better soon @TxGrowman


Thanks. Has been a long week. Hope to get some sleep this weekend.


Holler if you need anythin


Right now, all I need is sleep and my new grow is taking care of that pretty well ! Thanks for asking Brother !


I’m right there with you brother on the sleep. I just ordered a new bong for when I get back from the co trip


Just ran across this and had to post !


Watching the funeral of John Glenn on He was a TRUE American Hero. RIP Col. Glenn. Semper Fi !


Thank you for your service, Jerry :heart_eyes::v:


Hello Halkeye_diesel RDG1951 (Chromie) here. I was reading your post in the vet’s corner. I struggle to cope with the past sometimes myself. Divorced three times and still wonder why some of my great bud’s died there and I came home. I still feel guilty to this day. They had kid’s and a loving wife to come back to. They deserve to come home not me. Sorry my friend for bothering you. When I get high I can deal with all this crap. Happy growing my friend. Chromie!!!


@Rdg1951 I have seen too much of this working at the VA. Hope they finally realize that Cannabis is a medicine for us to feel better. Understand your pain, one of my friends came home and felt the same. Take care brother and let me know if i can help you in any way. Jerry


Thanks Jerry. Something I been struggling with for year’s. My family try to
understand and are there for me and greatfull that I returned. Only another
vet can understand what a man goes through. Happy growing my friend. Chromie