Veteran's Corner


Nice bike brother ! I rode my friends and it was a nice ride ! You take care of your bike like most bike owners !


Hard decision brother! All nice bikes.


NIce bikes and tattoos everyone


We should to try and get a ride together for the summer or fall. Would love to get out and ride with everyone.


count me in for sure!


Would love to, but I don’t have a bike yet. I may get one before I get another truck


I’m game anytime!


Yeah I know it was first one my wife bought for me on fathers day, but storing them and the fact I can only ride one at a time two is too many so I’ll let go of the smallest of the three which is the C50T Suzuki Boulevard.


How big is that? How many miles?


I just saw a news article on OAN where 1 in 4 beer drinkers are turning to cannabis instead of alcohol in pot legal states. No real big surprise there ! !

The removal of the stigma of being legal just made people be honest to themselves and everyone else about their preferences.

Have a good day veterans. We are free because of our service to this nation.


It’s an 803 cubic inch V-twin 5 speed shaft driven , 15,843 miles , brand new front and back tires , full service pm and all fluids change , 4 1/2 gallon tank , 42 miles a gallon , EFI computer high flow tuned for hyper charger intake , Custom cobra exhaust , throttle lock cruise control , saddle bags , highway pegs , vibration control hand grips , great bike for a beginner are daily cruiser .


It’s a beautiful bikes brother. If I could afford it is would snatched it up


At the end of a hectic day, nothing better than Neil Young. Reminds me of home as a young adult.


Big Neil Young fan here. Sugar mountain the name makes me think of MJ buds! Sugar mountain! Lol


In lots of pain from my surgery and finding it difficult to sleep, breathing is really painful but I’m pretty pleased with myself, not as painful as last time though as I had a really nasty nurse who actually stopped my pain relief and this time I have morphine on the button, so it’s just a case of keep trying, thanks guys and gals for all your support, your all great and I think your all amazing :wink: xxx


Morphine is alright in my book after a procedure haha


Sure is ! My only problem is I am allergic to it ! Really sucks especially now after my biopsy. Can’t even exert myself without pain.

Luckily my grow is finished and it is proving to be a pretty good pain med. I did not want to use it without curing completely but I need pain meds. Only use it once in the AM and after dinner yesterday and when I got up. Also allows me to sleep. Last night slept for 8 hours ! ! Woke up hung over from too much sleep. I decided to take advantage of it by going back to sleep for another 4 hours. AMAZING what some sleep can do. Got up and feel good.

Am curing my grow now and am going to weigh it tomorrow. I have used two grams so far. This is good meds for pain. Was well worth the grow time. Hope Gold Leaf is as good. It has high CBD and THC.


Hell yeah brother, an that would suck to be allergic to it. Glad your harvest is goin good. Lookin forward to how that strawberry kush is haha


How you been Jerry?


Little sore from the biopsy and all but surviving. That Strawberry Kush is a great medicine. Has a nice after taste and a good mellow high. No pain at all and sleeping !