Veteran's Corner


But definitely when I get it all under control, I can look forward to getting another bike in the future, I see it as a reward for me when I kick the tablets and control all of my conditions, and then get a bike whoop whoop I can’t wait


Sorry to hear it brother


No worries brother, I see it has we all have sh#t in our lives, and this is just mine, it’s really positive the tablets at the moment is worse than the emphysema that they are supposed to be treating, I am so so up on life now that I’m growing and I know I’m going to beat this


If your down this way would love to have ya stop in for a visit and a bowl or two ! !


While he’s down your way he can come up north an stop in for some good good haha


Thanks brother, I would like nothing less than getting together with all you great guy’s and get proper mashed, I would love it brother, absolutely love it


My bike picture is #215 above. '04 Harley Ultra Classic. @yoshi has three nice ones and is # 230


Thanks @Hawkeye_diesel and grow @TxGrowman would love it nothing less than doing that


@darren Yea those meds suck. Hope you can get them under control and back on two wheels brother ! The open road is the only stress reliever that the law can’t hassle you for !


f My bike is a

1995 1200 Sportster 5 gear


I like the paint on yours !


it’s a Teal Blue some time when the Sun hits it looks Greenish blue or vice versa


As long as we’re all showing our bike’s, this is my 2004 Fatboy. Bought it new and still riding it every summer at 70 years old.


Nice brother


That’s an awesome looking bike, looks like a really comfortable ride, does anyone else want to show their bikes ? I’d love to look at your bikes even if I can’t get one yet? I used to be in to tattoos when I was younger but then I had a gap of about 25 years when I was busy working and raising a family, but once I was in constant pain from the emphysema I decided to start getting back in to tattoos, because if I’m going to be in pain I might as well have something to show for it, are any of you into tattoos


I love tattoos. I have 4 and plan to get many more. These two aren’t finished yet. I have two more. I have one on my left and right shoulder blades. A skull and crossbones with an ace of spades in the background and a black and gold star

Left forearm

Right forearm

These are the ones on my back


Cool brother , nice tattoos, I’ll show you some of mine <img ,thats just a few of mine ,I hope you like them brother,my lion is my favorite


I feel a ride coming on…lmao


I’m selling my Boulevard now since I have the Indian and gold wing, it’s a hard decision but one has to go, it’s a great bike custom pipes and bigger tune for more horse power.


Let’s see them @yoshi ,I’d love to see your bikes, you have 3 you lucky bugger