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Smoked some of my unfinished harvest today !

My grow is ready to harvest. I didn’t get the large buds I was hoping for but they are plentiful and really strong medicine. I got a taste of it today from the broken branch I was drying.

I quick-dried the buds in a microwave at 40% power for about 2 1/2 minutes in 20 second on/off cycles. It worked well and the bud is well dried. Just about what I would expect from a regular drying period. I know that I likely lost a little THC due to the microwave essentially “vaping” it. I did loose some taste of the smoke but all this was is a test on microwaving a bud to see if I could get good medicine until the grow is done. Mission accomplished ! The final harvest will not be heated and will dry normally.

Going to put the “micro dried” buds in cure tonight and burp it daily. Want to see if curing can bring the flavor out.

I want to get the main grow in curing as fast as possible. I designed it that way on this grow.

With what I have off this one stalk, I bet this will last until well after the other buds are curing also as I only used about 0.5 grams/dose. There are still 11 bud stalks left on the plant and they are MUCH better looking than the one I broke off.

Robert’s Strawberry Kush is a really nice high. I am using it for medicine and don’t think I need any more for the rest of the day. No pain in my joints and am relaxed.

I think I will happy with the results of this grow. Maybe approx weight about 2 oz dried from the one plant. About what I had planned.

When I come home, I am going to start a plant of Robert’s Gold Leaf. A friend is mailing me two seeds of it.

Man, am I ever happy to be back on my own grown medicine. Can’t wait to get this harvest done.

Ya’ll take care !


That’s awesome. I have 3 strawberry kush fem sees that I plan to cultivate down the road


My first taste of Strawberry and it is good. If you scrogged it, you could have a huge yield.


That’s what I’m planning on doing. I was planning to do them after this grow and after I do all autos in the tent, but now I think I have a mission to grow the Medijuana strain from AMS, because I can’t find anyone that has grown or tried it an a few people would like to see it. So I think payday rolls around I’ll be getting 5 and scroging them


That does sound interesting, I read the catalog on it. Like the warning ! Make sure you tag me brother. I want to see what it grows like. I may try it after the gold leaf I want to try next.


Yeah Oh I will, it’s gonna be a few months, before it happens. I’m gonna get this mix grow done, then start 5 autos then after they are done then I believe I’m gonna try them



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The FDA just outlawed CBDs and hemp oil extracts by claiming all plant molecules now belong exclusively to Big Pharma
Heidi Stephens

March 12, 2017 0 21483

Hemp oil extracts containing CBDs (cannibidiols) are such a threat to the pharmaceutical industry that the FDA is now invoking totally insane justifications for outlawing them.

CBDs are non-psychoactive compounds found naturally in hemp plants. They work so well as powerful natural medicine that people everywhere are realizing CBDs work better than pharmaceuticals for treating epilepsy, seizures, neurological disorders and other serious health conditions (including HIV infections).

So the FDA has just launched a massive regulatory assault against CBDs by invoking the most insane logic you’ve ever heard. Here’s how it goes:

  1. CBDs work so well that drug companies are now investigating them to be approved by the FDA as medicines.

  2. Because CBDs are being investigated by drug companies, the FDA has granted CBDs status as being “investigated as a new drug.” In the FDA’s own language from their website, “FDA considers a substance to be ‘authorized for investigation as a new drug’ if it is the subject of an Investigational New Drug application (IND) that has gone into effect.”

  3. Because CBDs work so well and have been authorized for drug investigations, the FDA is now attempting to regulate them out of existence as dietary supplements. Per the FDA’s own website: “FDA has concluded that cannabidiol products are excluded from the dietary supplement definition under section 201(ff)(3)(B)(ii) of the FD&C Act. Under that provision, if a substance (such as cannabidiol) has been authorized for investigation as a new drug for which substantial clinical investigations have been instituted and for which the existence of such investigations has been made public, then products containing that substance are outside the definition of a dietary supplement.”

  4. Now the FDA has begun sending warning letters to CBD makers, claiming they are in violation of FDA regulations because they are selling “adulterated products.” Adulterated with what, exactly? CBDs, of course! “The debate over hemp CBD’s legal status continues after FDA sent eight warning letters to manufacturers of CBD dietary supplement and food products earlier this month,” reports Nutritional Outlook. “The warning letters cite impermissible health claims used to market the products, as well as CBD’s invalid status as a dietary ingredient due to its presence in two drug applications currently under consideration.”

The FDA just criminalized one of the most miraculous healing medicines in the world by handing it over to Big Pharma

In other words, the FDA just handed Big Pharma an absolute monopoly over CBDs (hemp oil extract) by ridiculously claiming such natural products are “adulterated” with molecules (CBDs) that the FDA says might one day become a drug.

“Drugs,” according to the FDA, are substances that are proven to treat, prevent or cure a disease, and thus the FDA’s own logic admits that CBDs must be able to treat, prevent or cure diseases, otherwise they would be useless as “drugs”.

But when a dietary supplement company makes the same claim, they are hit with aggressive warning letters from the FDA, threatening to shut them down, confiscate their products and seek criminal prosecution of the company executives.

This is how the FDA can instantly criminalize any vitamin or plant extract

Do you see how this twisted, corrupt regulatory tactic can allow the FDA to instantly criminalize any dietary supplement, vitamin, herb or plant extract?

Vitamin D, for example, could be outlawed by the FDA announcing that it has granted “Investigational New Drug application (IND)” status to any drug company studying vitamin D.

Using this same corrupt, mafia-style tactic, the FDA could essentially “outlaw” resveratrol or even vitamin C, denying Americans the right to access safe, affordable, natural substances that are routinely found in nature.

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Heidi Stephens

CANNABINOIDS March 12, 2017

CANNABINOIDS March 12, 2017

Breaking: Australia Has Just Legalized Medical Marijuana .


Where can I find these articles at @yoshi ?


Uh let me go check and I’ll get you the link, but I just be reading all kind of information and I find all kind of stuff that be happening right under our noses, but give me a few minutes I’ll @ you with the website details.


Looks like the UK and Australia have the right idea and are making steps in the right direction but where as we’re going 1 step forward, America is doing 2 steps back, I hope you have some equally bright legal minded individuals arguing in defence of cannabis and for the legalisation of it over there


That’s because American only care about the rich and how they can make money, not about their citizens, but that’s on a different topic that I don’t like to get into, because politics is involved and I don’t talk about politics haha


Oh the UK government is totally all about the rich and how the big pharmaceutical companies can make even more money out of it, like they need anymore, but we do have a lot of people arguing the benefits in the UK and the facts are undeniable so hopefully now that we are accepting the medical benefits, then it’s just a matter of time till they legalise it if even just for medical cannabis


I belive in time they will see it as a good plant and legalize it, they can’t deny the benefits from it for ever. There are too many people and countries and even states that have realized the error of their ways with regards to this plant. Eventually the world will see what we all have know lnao for a l9ng time that it was put on this earth to help everyone with any kind of illness or injury out there ot at least I have been preaching it since I was old enough to look beyond the veil they try an pull over evwryone. I am an advocate for this plant and always will be. It helps way to many people and if it was more readily available it could help countless others including saving lives


Look up the Georgia Guide Stones and see what’s written on them, that’s they agenda!


@yoshi Could you send that to me also? Appreciate it ! Jerry


Hey don’t for get @yoshi and @TxGrowman

I have one to and i’m going on tour this summer



I want to get another one so bad


Me to, my soul is screaming out for another bike, there’s nothing like the freedom on the road with a bike


I have the bike but can’t ride it ! Just as bad as not having it ! I was just eyeing my bike yesterday for a ride today. My hospital visit last night put the bike riding idea for today to rest.


That’s a real shame my friend, what kind of bike is it ? Can’t get a bike because of my seizures, but hopefully the cannabis is going to sort that out and getting me off all the tablets I think is the main thing that’s going to stop them as they are a side effect of the combination of all the tablets but they just keep giving me them, that’s why I decided I’m going to take control of this and grow my own medication