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so how do you want to handle this @TxGrowman…spliffs or cigars for everyone?..
GrandFather to a GrandDaughter!!!



Party round grandads I reckon, that’s the way to do it lol what do you reckon @kabongster @TxGrowman


three CHEERS!

For he’s a jolly good fellow!!


Congrats brorher


I say we roll up a couple fatties and have at it!

Congrats Jerry!


Roll one for me as well brother. If I could Jerry, I’d roll an toke one for ya


Would love be able to sit and have a big joint with all of you !

A couple of my biker friends are going on a ride tonight and I think I am going to try to make it with them. We are all service Vets and a lot of us are not into partying all night like we used to. Would love to be able to but now happy to get out and enjoy the comradeship. We still have a lot of fun and surprisingly, we get a lot of younger bikers that want to ride with us. Ya’ll take care.


lol, I’ll be seeing some high school friends for a semi annual get together soon…we are starting earlier, 6PM, because our eyes start getting heavy earlier.

Enjoy your ride!


Congrats @TxGrowman ,can’t beat the grandkids ,I have 12 now and a set of twins due in may .


Had a GREAT ride today and got home before the Dallas Stars played.


Hell yeah brother. Congrats again


Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world :tada: to your little grand daughter.:blossom::bouquet:


Good Morning To All ! Heard that almost every morning when I was at Desert Storm and it still tears me up. Thank you all for your service to this great nation.


I remember the first time I heard that song. I was oversees. It was 1984, after a very long week of duty in the field. We were at the nco club having a couple of cold ones and someone put his on the jukebox. We all stood and basically cried, lol.

Thanks for posting that Jerry!


Brings back strong memories also for me from Desert Storm. I was an Army brat and then joined the Navy/Marines and fulfilled my family tradition of military service. Every one of my last five generations has served during war time. My great great Grandfather was a doctor in the Union Army and died in prison camp in S. Carolina. I AM a Proud American !


me too! My Dad and his brother and brother-in-laws all served in WW2. A couple of my cousins served in Vietnam. I think we skipped Korea and WW1 but the civil war my GG Grandfather fought and was wounded (nearly killed at the second battle of Monocacy, MD) was a prisoner for about a year and darn near died in Andersonville Georgia.

One of his brothers and a couple cousins all died in the war.


@maximusindica, here is a place for vets to come and hang out an talk amongst other vets


Happy Birthday @Hawkeye_diesel :tada::birthday:


Thanks @deb1


Happy birthday @Hawkeye_diesel , I hope you have a great day