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ps those clones are going to do you well. You will be a pro once those start growing out and you see the difference in yield!


Indeed lol, I love this process, how would they go about grinding that much of it that fine? As I doubt that it’s done with a hand grinder,thanks everyone for your help, I think this is right up my street, omg I’m so glad I found it, he sounds like he’s having all the same lung problems as me ,looks like I’ve got a lot to learn, yeah I did read it in his thread but I got a bit dizzy with the whole break down of the process, don’t get me wrong I’m not thick by any means, but I read a lot and it’s on my mobile phone, and my dam eyes ain’t quite what they used to be, right I have to understand and learn that process and the proper curing process and the canabutter process, so a lot to learn, also what is the best vapourizer to use as I bought a crater deluxe as I did research it and that was supposed to be 1 of the best and not cheap, but I couldn’t get it to work very well and it was just wasting bud, and I don’t want to do that , thanks @deb1 & @bob31 , I’d have given you likes but I’ve used mine up, big thanks and hugs to you both, I’m actually doing a little dance, not physically I’d be fudged lol but instead, whoop whoop lol


If you read through that thread @willd explains how to do it and what it is its up nearer the begining i think


Ah yes @deb1 I’ve read it now, thanks, I must have skipped that part, I do that and probably miss a lot skipping around trying to find and understand all the different ways of using the cannabis other than smoking it, I do love smoking it but I have got to admit defeat with my lungs, try to vaporise it to make it smother and do all I can do, I was thinking of looking into the RSO, if it can work on his cancer, wouldn’t it be amazing if I could be the first person who could use it to defeat my emphysema,oh yes I’m also a long term tobacco smoker for 40 years, and I’ve given up a few times but gone back to it for 2 reasons really, number 1 is I mix it with my cannabis to smoke it and since the doctors have said that I’m going to die of it but won’t put me on the transplant list even though I’d given up smoking for about 8 months by that time ,so I thought well fudge it, I’ve got nothing to lose


I’m gonna tag you over to a different topic @darren It is my topic and it would be more on topic to catch up over there.


Many thanks @bob31 appreciate it,and now I’m in the process of giving up the tobacco again, I’m on the patches, and I find myself reinvigorated with the potential to live again, you all really don’t know what this means to me, thanks is not enough @deb1 and everyone else, now all I need is to get to the end process with out the police kicking my door in and get to try all this stuff, I can’t wait


Love it, not saying we did it wink wink haha


Listenin to my Playlist and this one comes up.

I tried a different one


It says unavailable @Hawkeye_diesel buddy


Did it work that time?


I opened it with no problem.


I had to try a different one. It’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea, but the message is there


Well I’ve just had my surgery cancelled, I had a call from the surgeon and he’s got a conference in Belfast this weekend and he’d prefer to be available in case there is any problems, he said well it’s not to sustain life it’s just to give you better quality of life as if it doesn’t matter what a mother fudger,good my quality of life isn’t important enough for him to miss the conference


Not defending him too strongly but the conferences are pretty important and are actually required to keep your license. I had to attend them to keep my license and I didn’t really enjoy going to them. His other point about being available is also pretty valid too. If, god forbid, something bad happened he was right to be there to fix it. He actually sounds like a surgeon that has your best interests in mind. That type surgeon is hard to find.

I know it is disappointing for you but hang in there. I’m sure that you will come out OK in the long run.


Thanks @TxGrowman ,I’ve made my peace with it now, it’s just the way he was saying it’s not to sustain life it’s just for better quality of life, and then was saying your just getting out of breath, as if that didn’t matter, and it’s far cry from me just getting out of breath, and he must have known about the conference way before now , he was then saying and it’s been over a year since he saw me last and he’d like to see me again first, I said to him that that’s because I’ve been waiting this long ,I felt like saying yeah that’s the national health service for you,I was really disappointed at the time, but like I said I’ve made my peace with it now, thanks for what you said though, I really do appreciate it buddy


No problem brother. Hang in there !


The way I’m looking at it is they can make me wait as long as they want, it gives me longer to get my medication to work, and then they might not need to cut in to kick ass tattoo that I have there, and it wasn’t cheap, I had to drive 6 hours just to get to see this specific tattoo artist lol


WOOOO HOOO ! Just had my first granddaughter born this AM. I was 32 minutes off on the time I predicted yesterday. The little angel was 7 lb 2 oz, 19 1/2 inches long and came out screaming up a storm ! Can’t wait to see her. I have two grandsons already and now I have a little girl that grandpa can spoil rotten (that’s my job ya know ! )


Congratulations bro, I’m sure she’s going to get spoilt rotten, starting with when you get back to the hospital with her first cuddley toys, @TxGrowman the proud grandad, doesn’t that make you feel old? It did me when my son made me a grandad at 40 lol


Right now I feel nothing but walking on air ! Can’t wait to see the little angel. No need for cannabis now, I am high on life.