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Congratulations @TxGrowman!!!


My wife was insistent, I want a comfortable ride. It was either this or a Gold Wing, can’t afford that ! Kinda glad I got this one now. Had A Heritage Classic but not the same ride for her and a little harder on the back. Our rides used to be atleast 250 miles or we wouldn’t bother riding.


Already have two grandsons, 5 & 3 !


Yeah, I want one again. Nothin better than just gettin out on an open highway and riding your troubles and stress away


You know it brother !


Nothing like the open road, all your troubles just drift away


I can’t wait to fill this up with some primo bud. Only 27 more days…


Right now I have hidden all of my pipes and smoking utensils and grinders, so hopefully if I don’t see them I won’t think about smoking and think about 27 more days…


@TxGrowman we gone have to meet and put some miles in I have a few of them, but after my last visit to neurosurgeon she suggested I sell them.



Yayyyyyyyyyy!!! congrats to you. I have four sons always joked i get all grand daughters lol i have two for two so far. Hope mum and bubs do great :blossom:


Those are some beautiful bikes brother


Can’t put on the miles like I used to. Now am lucky if I can go 150 miles in an entire day. Still do what I can though. You give up and you loose all that’s good in life !


Great looking bikes, totally different design to the bikes I rode, and yours are definitely the style I should ride, I’ve been reading today about putting the cannabis in capsules, and it sounds just what I need, have any of you heard of it


Im not sure if this is what you mean @darren



Yes that’s it @deb1 thanks, I still love everything about smoking it,the taste, the smell, even rolling it but with my lungs in the state they are, I’ve got to look at other routes, I’m definitely going to try canabutter, then I was looking into the oil for my seizures, I thought it would be nice for my sister to have it handy but then I came across this post about the capsules and it sounds ideal for me, what an amazing way to do, just amazing, just need to see how to do it now


No worries, i had to remember where i read it lol, Im glad it helped.


@Hawkeye_diesel, when the eldest of my sons was in the ADF he would come home and get us to do stuff like this, cept we did it in his car but it was inspired by this



That’s great, now I just need to understand the decarboxylated process, I only have the 1 plant that’s going to give me a yield and I don’t want to waste it as it’s precious, but I have some clones that I took when I decropped my plant, I doubt that’s the right word for it but I’m sure you all know what I mean, anyway I have some clones in the proper gator, and if any of these are still alive when I come out of hospital, I should then hopefully produce enough bud to experiment with, where would I go about getting the capsules does anyone know


decarboxylated just means a process to convert thca (green form) to the psycho active form, thc.

basically baking in oven on a cookie sheet at a low temp. If you search the forum the process is listed several times or google it. Not rocket science… good thing or we’d all be in trouble! LOL