Very young plants with hairs?

Ok at first my seedling struggled. I noticed a slight ph problem, corrected it and then transplanted into bigger pots and better soil. They went crazy with growth. They are only about 5 weeks old. About 10 inches tall and bushy. I just checked on them and noticed some white hairs! I planned to put these outside for a very long season. These are not auto flower but I have a little panic going on here. Hairs are in the junction of stems coming off the main stem.
I have to admit, they have only had 14 hours of light per day so far and I was just increasing them to 16 which would be the daytime hours here in June when I put them outside. Could they have gone into flower mode??? I sure hope not.

Pics would help
Sounds like just showing the sex of the plant

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Yes she just telling you she is female plant

Added some pics. I sure hope your right. It kind of ruined my day to see this. Thought this season may have been lost!

Yep it’s a she
No worries


Thanks for the quick replies. Everyone is so helpful here!
It’s odd the two plants with hairs sprouted a bit taller than the others, so the quick gain in height and the hairs had me worried. Then I looked at my timers and saw they were only still getting 14 hours of light. Yikes. Anyway I have turned them to16 hours and when they go outside they should have16 hours of natural light. This will be my first adventure to put them outside.
Thanks again everyone

They could be flowering if went from longer to shorter light cycle.

I haven’t touched the timer and we have not had any power outages. They sprouted from seeds at 14 hours and have been there for 5 weeks. I just turned them to 16 hours. Kid of recreating spring in my grow tent with 14 hours then 16. They go outside when we have 26 hours outside. On June 21 we have the longest day.

Well my iPhone messed that up.
14 hours then 16 then I move them outdoors when natural light is at 16

These youngsters are indeed flowering. I got the seeds from Ilgm. I planted 6 plants. Just wondering if I got a few auto flower seeds in my packet. I think the timing would be right to see the tiny hairs bundled in the tops at 5 weeks since germination. Any thoughts? The other four are in the same grow tent and they look normal just vegging.

Yeah I wouldn’t do the 14 hour thing, plants can flower under 14/10, best to use a minimum of 16/8 to ensure the plant stays in veg.