VERY Ugly Sisters

This is a follow up to my post Amnesia Haze are Ailing on 2/24. They have been problem children from the start. I must have really screwed them up. I was under the impression they were good for beginners and relatively forgiving. With this in mind I topped 3 of them and minor LST. I also burnt them to a crisp with FF Trio. I flushed each 2X and cut them off of the trio. I have given them CaliMagic for the brown leaf spots. This is where they are today - day 62 This #1 about 11"

#2 is 10" #3 is 20" #4 is 18"
#2 is a compact mess which I apparently burned badly. I had to cut out the dry shriveled buds and leaves. Here are couple more of her with her topped buds. The Kind XL600 is set at 22".
I’m not sure I have any questions at this point. I will continue with CaliMagic, hold off on the trio (at least on the two runts) and see them through to the end. Your support, even confirmation I screwed up, or recommendations if any can be made, will be appreciated.


You have some pretty severe nitrogen toxicity. You did good to flush but someone should do an intervention and take your FF trio away from you haha.

What soil are you in again? Are you using a TDS meter and a PH meter? If so; what? What did you feed at the last time?

Another flush with a product like Florakleen and a monitor of the runoff TDS to see WHAT you have coming out might be extremely helpful.


The soil is a blend of 3 parts FFOF, 1 part organic activated compost (Purple Cow Organics) and 1 block of coco. I had used this mix for 2 batches of White Widow Autos and also Blueberry Autos without issue as well as FF. FF was first applied day 24 at 50%. 2nd 50% application was day 34. No more thereafter.

I have not checked PH. I am on a rural private well. Do not have TDS meter

Whoops… That sucks SOOOO much… Man o man I feel for you hombre. Looks like flushing was the life saver sure hope they pull through how far into flower were they?

Might be wise to invest in one. Based on the appearance of your plants

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They were pretty well into flower beginning of week 5. #2 buds were pretty much cooked at that point too.

I bought me the Apera 20 meter for my pH and its very accurate. I did get a decent TDS meter as well. I wasn’t going to use either…period. I said acrew it and glaf I did. I found out our tap water pH is 8.7. :flushed:

I will upgrade these to even better meters latter on aka before my Winter grows since its my prime time to grow.

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I have a Dr Meter PH meter. Checked my water a year ago and haven’t bothered with it since then. A week ago I got a gallon of distilled water to re calibrate but stuff happens… Yeah, the next step is TDS.
There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. One should apply best practices if you are aware of them. Unfortunately, lazy is just lazy :sunglasses:

Wow that new growth looks like it has blisters…yee-ouch!

Yeah well water can vary per geography. Fix that ph for sure.
We may need a new thread to celebrate this type of mess ups.

I can say this…our tap water varies when it comes to the PPM. It isn’t consistent. One day it can be 250 and the next day it can be 290 ppm. So I check before each feeding and watering.

Yee but if you use soil dont think you need fix ph level the soil do the Magic.

This is kinda the goal. Look at it like this: cannabis can grow in pretty adverse conditions in the wild, but we are trying to cheat them. So breeders have developed plant lines that respond to ideal conditions by producing large potent flower. If some parameters are off you will still get a result but it won’t be optimal. These meters help us do that.

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Got ya. Like the old saying “in for penny, in for a pound” Thanks


You can start the thread topic - how about “The GOAT Grow F-Ups”
I’ll put my PH meter to work.

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Only on my 3rd grow, I have tried to grow amnesia haze auto, very stubborn little things

Ahhh man…I have Amnesia Haze Auto seeds to. :pensive:

I had one come out decent, one fail , one no pop, and my last one iam on now is doing her own thing, and fungus gnats seem to love them

Tell me more. @MrPeat is also looking at growing them. Did you have issues? Any does or don’ts you can share? My only experience is with White Widow and Blueberry autos and compared to these, Amnesia appears to be much more sensitive / fragile / unforgiving. I know I have to learn and read what they are telling me sooner in order to react accordingly. I know in general to go easy with fertilizing autos, especially with fox farm soils, and I thought I was being cautious when I first introduced the Trio. I suppose I even enhanced this sensitivity by adding compost to the soil. I wish I knew this on the front end.

I do the trio, and iam in ffhf/light warrior, iam new to growing, so still learning myself , the biggest thing I’ve noticed is less water at the beginning of the plant life, as far as the trio I don’t start feeding till week 6 ish and only go in half dose for the first week and gradually increase dose till I hit full dose, I recently backing off the grow big later in flower and more tiger bloom. But like I said I new so don’t take my word

the tall one back left is amnesia auto going into week 15 from seed, the 3 mature girls were planted at the same time