Very skeptical about feminised seeds from ilgm

You know, im not an expert or anything but 3 out 5 of my feminised seeds were male. Not hermies. Male. My tent never exceeds 82°f never drops below 70°f. I have a 600w hps bulb in an air cooled hood. An inline fan that circulates 270cfm. I have been using ff ocean forest soil. Feeding nutrients about once a week. Watering with RO water. Whats wrong with this? Since everyone will say its grower error. I spend just about all my free time making sure they have a comfortable environment. Needless to say i probably wont be ordering anymore “feminised” seeds from ilgm. What am i doing wrong apparently?

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My tent is 3x3x6ft

Any light leaks?

Love to see a picture of the males

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I cant imagine considering i bought a grow tent called the big easy. And all my windows have black drapes. Its very dark in my room at all times

Really? Why? Like i said im not a pro or anything but i can tell the difference between pollen sacks and white wispy hairs

I also exterminated them

I would’ve liked to seen pics as well. Not to bash on you, your grow, or anything like that. But just as you said, “you’re not a pro”. Maybe you missed something?

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Thats fine. I expected everyone to be fan boys for ilgm and just “bash” my growing

I have no allegiance to anyone, nor do I owe ilgm, you, or anyone else here anything. So I feel if you have an issue, as long as you come here respectfully, you should in turn be treated with respect. It’s a two way street right?

That being said, some documentation of your issues probably would’ve went a long way.


How am i being disrespectful? Elaborate on this please

And why did you ask if i was missing something? That was my question in the original post. I had asked if i had been doing something wrong. So yea. Just assume im being disrespectful without reading post

Pretty sure @dbrn32 was referring to the “fan boy” comment. Do you see ILGM anywhere on our screen names or avatars? We’re growers here to help. If you don’t want suggestions, why start a post? We’re spitballing here trying to help is all. Best of luck


Rhetorical quesitons now? So much respect. Ok. Thanks for the help.

@Licksore I think all @dbrn32 @bryan and @MattyBear were trying to do was retrieve more information from you to assist more accurately with your issue. I reread back through the last 13 replies to this thread before I spoke out bc I wanted to have a handle of where this went south and I have to say that it seems you are taking your frustrations out on the group here due to your frustrations with said plant. I personally haven’t used ilgm seeds yet and have no experience to share on the legitimacy of their seeds and it’s not totally impossible that your seeds were male or hermies but that has nothing to do with the intended purpose of this forum. We are ALL just regular people here who share a passion of growing (and partaking in…) marijuana and I have been overwhelmed by the amount of grace and forthcomingness of the other members with every post ive replied to, read or started, until I came to this one.
I think maybe if you read back through this thread, you’ll see where it went wrong…
Sometimes this forum is like growing marijuana itself in that you get out of it what you put into it.
Now, if you would have had pics, we would be able to collectively come up with the ailment and possible solution.
Please don’t continue to have anger and jadednedd in your heart. We all are only here to help one another and learn and only as a collective body is that possible.


I didn’t say you were disrespectful. I said that I would expect you to be treated with respect as long as you were respectful. Nor did I say you did anything wrong. I asked if you had pictures so we could look at the plants.

My turn, why are you trying to put words in my mouth? What I typed is right there for everyone to see, unedited. I don’t know you, your growing level, or how your grow space is situated. Quite frankly, I don’t really care. If you had verifiable male plants and a documented order for feminized seeds, I would be expecting someone to make it right. If it was some other issue from within your grow, then I’m also sure we could find someone to help you get it right.

Instead you have nothing, and your tone doesn’t suggest that of one simply reaching out for help. I’m not entirely sure what you’re motives are, but good luck.


@ILGM.Roy please have a look at this thread @Licksore may have a question for sales support team?


I have tagged in sales support I am fairly certain if you have pictures to confirm they were indeed male the sales team may be able to assist. Sorry I am a teacher not a sales guy :wink:


Males are not really determined by grower errors or mistakes, they are just simply male by genetics. Hermaphrodites can arise from grower error but males shouldn’t.

I have read that certain environmental factors can help determine male or female. I’ve even heard that nutrients can influence it…like higher N levels can produce more females and higher P levels have a tendency to produce more males but I just don’t believe it.

Feminized seeds aren’t perfect either, even though the process hasnt been perfected it’s still far better than what it used to be. Although uncommon, It doesn’t surprise me that you might have a male or two. Talk to sales support and I’m sure they will be more than happy to help. I’ve had issues before and they were more than happy to help. You just need to get with sales and not the growers


Right here is were it went pear shaped First question asked you get all defensive