Very nice! not bad for a novice yo!


:grinning::+1::ok_hand::sunglasses: wow ! Looking :+1:

Great job on those trees!!

looks like some :fire: @Mickanooch

Awesome! Not bad at all my friend!!

Nice job brother

thank you all! :grin:


Looking like your doing an amazing job, what else can you tell us about these, how old maybe strains anything like that, looks like you’ve definitely done your homework keep up the great work I’m sure you’ll have a great harvest, any questions you may have there are plenty of people here who can help you out with just about anything

gday daz. so the far dark one is borderliner xtrm. the middle giant in gsc x ogkush and the skinny light green one is chocolope. they are 3 months old approx! so excited to try borderliner its suppose to be super potent. im also excited to smoke gsc kush too because im in australia and still illegal not many ppl grow strains so hard to get hold of decent weed, so ive taken it upon myself to try and grow different strains. i have 7 other strains somewhere else inc. god bud, lsd, another borderliner, moneybush, budzilla, ak47 and humboldt blue dream! the plants dont get as much sun so arent as big so thats why i posted the big ones, but there all budding so ill definitely post bud shots of all strains when the more mature! thats my story daz :grin::call_me_hand: