Very new to this and I’m in over my head

I have a few plants outside and all of them look different not sure if this is just because they are different types (planted seeds given to me no idea what they are). Some of the leaves have holes but others don’t. Any and all information will be helpful!

No to seeds look and grow exactly the same. Its genetics… just look at your family and compare photos. You will see some genetic traits but overall they are never the same.

Are the holes in the leaves from bugs? Should I spray them with something?

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I’m not an outdoor grower as it will land you in prison here. They consider marijuana to the hardest core drug in the world.

It could be insects. If it gets windy, the edge of the leaves can start to tear from rubbing on each other.

@Amanjustin. Check to see if you can find any slug trails or caterpillars around.
I usually get them outdoor.
You can spray your pots with a cooking spray to deter them.
Just don’t get any over spray on the plant.

I think it is both caterpillar and slugs. Caterpillars leave black stuff on the leaves also? And slugs shiny lines? Also will it deter both? Thanks!