Very light green leaves

Some of the leaves on my cannabis plant are turning a very light green. Not sure whats up.

That looks like the start of an iron deficiency. Don’t see that very often.


The lady is in a 30 gal grow bag outside. The soil is Happy Frog with a super soil additive. The white tip on 1 leaf is bird droppings. I try to wash it off as much as possible, carefully.

I’m surprised that happened in Happy Frog. I’ve used it for years and have never had an iron problem.

Do a slurry test. I bet you’re sitting high because of the top dress. Most of those need time to cook with a soil that’s already built like happy frog. Rhizo additives show better in soils like happy frog. Since they don’t alter the built in buffers. When you add a bunch of stuff to happy frog you throw off the levels of dolomite, oyster shells and myco already added. That’s why adding more rhyzo works so well. since myco is a rhyzo

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