Very leafy autos

I have grown autos for a while now. But this round are very leafy , this round the light are hitting the top of my flowers but the center is suffering by needing more light . I need to know if I can trim these leafs and if so what stage can I do so there about 17 days into flowering and the other is just getting her white hairs and pistols, keep in mind I only have one tent and got 4 plants in a 3 by 3 no room for training. Im using good nutrients along with b52 and the strain is gga any advice would be appreciated.

It’s okay to take a few leaves just don’t get crazy ,and try to tuck a few leafs to create better light penetration and airflow. Good luck with your autos.

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Appreciate that let me ask another question off the subject, got 4 gg going 50 days old now all of them got Whit hairs and pistols but only 3 of them went to the next level and got there buds about 2 weeks ago I got one that just froze hate to turn the lights to 12@12 to get her to bud because of making the others suffer from not getting the light they need to get the buds bigger, if I was to keep my lights as I got them on 20@4 and finish these plants would the plant that’s not budding die on me or do they bud completely before they die , keep in mind she’s my biggest with 20 or more bud sites and I also when I started the others on bud nutrients I started her to so she’s been on budding nutes for about 18 days. I guess I’m asking if I go ahead and finish my others out will she live long enough to get her buds and finish also?

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They are Autos. The light change shouldn’t affect them.

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Never had one that went into preflower and stay at that stage 3 weeks and not bud . Guess the genetics are not fully auto trate.

The Autos will be fine to go to 12/12 they actually benefit from the dark cycle, as. @GFDuke mentioned. Just keep taking care of them Autos have a mind of their own some of them are slower coming along .