Very leaf dense, need to prune? Also, transport advice?

First grow!

So I have a little Durban Poison shorty that I believe (from everything I’ve seen and read) that this little one is just about as healthy as possible.

But I’m beginning to wonder if it’s “too healthy” because of the leaf density. I had it on a 24/0 light cycle until recently which I understand many don’t partake in, but also many do. But I now changed it to 18/6 to try and encourage more stretching and to get a sense of a “natural cycle”.

Also, I’m moving and the trip there is going to take about 4 days and 3 nights. I’ll have a regular full strength grow light on a car inverter while driving (at least 12 hours a day) and built a small make-shift battery-powered led to last through the night (thinking maybe 200 lumens with white and blue LEDs).

My questions are:
Did the light cycle cause the plant to grow too dense with leaves?
Do I need to prune even with how short it is?
While traveling, do I need to worry about my lighting as much as I am?
Is the plant too young still to accidentally start flowering already?

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Welcome ! to early for pruning, you can raise your light a little to get more stretch between the nodes.