Very happy w/ ILGM nutes but unclear how to use w/ clones


My prior seeded plants thrived on ILGM nutes. Now I have question about using them with clones.

The facts: I have 9” clones of strains Hades and Mirage. Stuck them in 1 gallon pots with Happy Frog soil and a dash of Super-thrive and that powdered bacteria for roots I can’t pronounce…Now I’m uncertain how to use the nutes that worked so well before on my established plants.

Ph 6.4 in and out. Temp WNL. Kind 600 grow light. Will transplant to 5 gallon pots in a week.

The questions:

  1. should I start with ILGM’s products called growtime or seeding? and…

  2. what strength may a seasoned grower using ILGM suggest in this scenario? and…

  3. the ILGM interweb describes the bloom, seeding and grow products but also seems to suggest there are “folier” and “ start” products. See that bold print? Did I miss something? Quite confused and/or “pulling a stupid” seems afoot.

Oh another thought. Some minor discoloring of a few leaves are showing. Not seen in prior grows. Here’s my attempt to show the leaf anomaly; pics understate the minor discoloring not matching the example photos on website.

If your form will help please advise.

Thank you for any input. I apologize if I broke your rules, or asked an already answered question, or am missing the obvious…

I’m grateful and humble for any clarification here. (Even if it’s “hey dummy read it again”…)


I use ILGM nutes. I mostly grow from seed and skip the start nutes , and move to grow once the root are established at 3 weeks or so. I do this because the medium I use is an amended coco/perlite mix that has enough food for the plant for a few weeks.

I’ve done clones once and I used start at 1/4 dosage right away on the cuttings at a 5.8pH Once the cuttings were established and transferred to soil, I quit the start and waited about two weeks, using water only during this time, before starting up on grow. I use about a 1/3 dosage for grow and bloom when I water. Boost and foliage, I go full dose.


Clones are considered mature plants even though small in size. Once rooted like 300-400 ppm of veg nutes I’ve had pretty good luck with for a few feedings then i would start increasing. Although if your soil has decent nutrient charge you wouldn’t need to feed for a while.


Thank you very much for the input. I’ll ride your coattails…!


Great info and much appreciated. This forum is fantastic. Or better…