Very Green Cracka Here Just wanting to show off the kids bustin loose

Okay, so I’m gonna show a couple of pics of Tap Roots on June 3rd. I’ve been meaning to get on and kinda stay in touch but sadly my dad died last week and it’s been the most pain I’ve ever felt and I’ve been through a lot of pain but not like this. This hospice stuff wasn’t anything like they said it would be. That’s all I’m sayin’ about that. I don’t want to bum everybody’s day. So glad I had my plants to keep my hands & mind busy. Okay…ON WITH THE PICS….

Thanks for letting me share. I know it’s not the best set up but I’m just working with what I got and my gut instinct/intuition.

Oh and this strain is the “Super Silver Haze”

Here’s a picture of My journal cover.

I got so much to learn. Haha! Thanks guys!

Only did 2 seeds since I’m just starting out. I actually started out growing them outside because the weather has been so awesome here and I thinks that why that biggest one just shot up from nowhere in no time. I was so excited. I’m working on a more controlled environment in my shop. I definitely got to get more light on them among other stuff I’m sure. I just wanted to share the excitement of my first grow that is actually still growing.

Here are todays pics:


Congratulations on your new babies and welcome to the community


Damn what a taproot… :rofl::rofl: does my taproot make you randy darling?? Well does it??

Looking good “cracka”… does that mean you’re crack a lackin?


Oh and welcome to the growmunity!


You are on your way…no turning back! Welcome to the group. Sorry to hear about your loss.

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Congratulations on one and sorry to hear about the other. Welcome to the Canna-Fam growmie!!! This is the greatest bunch of people here I have ever dealt with so if you need anything just ask once and 100 answers will come.

Just tag my name, and ill be there…



:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl: @ChittyChittyBangin . Great sense of humor

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Sorry for your loss. Good luck w/ your grow.

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