Very frustrated

Ok I’m a new grower, I have a mars-hydro 4x4 tent with 2000watt dimmable light, I installed a heater and dehumidifier. I have 6 5 gallon pots filled with half happy frog and happy farm ocean forest, the center of the pot bout 2” deep I have just happy frog for the new seedings.
Germination is my issue, I soaked the seeds in spring water for 24hrs, then put them on a damp paper towel and put them in a ziplock bag covered them and placed them on top of my dvr for warmth, now they all had a taproot of about 1/4 to 1/2 inch, I planted them 4 sprouted in 24 hrs, 2 did not, been 8 days so far, see pic of ones that did sprout.

So I’m assuming they are not going to sprout, one is gorilla glue and the other in Girl Scout cookies extreme.

I’m thinking they are not going to sprout, so I started 2 more seeds the same way, put them in spring water for 24hrs, then into a damp paper towel, I can see that the seeds have cracked and I can see white inside the seed but no tap root emerging, are these seeds duds also, this will be 4 duds out of 8, should I give them more time?
Does this company really stand behind there seeds, not sure if I should try to get replacement seeds at this time.

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Hit them up at customer service. They may be able to work something out for you. When the seeds crack, that means they are getting ready to start a taproot. You can technically plant them then, but waiting for the tail is preferred, because it usually results in a quicker sprout.


Looks too wet for seedlings.

When I have a taproot they get planted, soil damp and then domed. I spray the inside of the dome a couple times a day.

Once it has popped they get 1/2 shot glass of water around the seedling once a day to every other day (growing in coco)


Germination was 100% successful.

It happens. Keep them moist for a little longer, but don’t expect much from them.

Other plants look good…


Hmm same issue with Bruce banner
6 germinate none broke soil

I know I know my fault

Welcome to the community @Mikec
Like @oldmarine said all seed germinate now to sprout maybe seed is to deep or not moisture to sprouts, add some dome and wait

Happy growing :metal:

@Odin1 3 Bruce banner autos from the seed fair same outcome. Duds. Same thing with 5 critical purple auto from growers choice. Will probably never buy these 2 strains again.

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That’s a bummer @Bluntsmoke !!

Critical purple auto was a nice growing plants


Probably won’t buy ilmg

@emgoldslo beautiful! I know for certain my seeds were no good. What bank?

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It was a gifted seed but pretty sure growers choice.

About 7 ounces really nice bud and an ounce of popcorn that I extracted and made gummies!

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Probably won’t buy ilmg

Have you talked with customer service?

According to peer review I did something wrong
You would think out of 6 seeds out of dumb luck at least one would sprot

Very frustrated
Not sure what to do
I’ll contact them

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sometimes it happens, but contact them and see what they say, doesn’t hurt to try. im a new grower here myself and these guys are amazing on helping. dont let this frustate you, because things happen. one of my girls started off slow and I was like wth and then weeks later boom she’s as big as the other.

Yeah did everything right or thought I did
Read post
Am I worried to much

All seeds had tails not one grew

Dug them up and still had same tails as when I put them in
Been a while but grew outside before no problem

This is a hard time of year to start seeds, at least where I am. Temperatures outside are bitter cold and humidity is in the teens. Sprouts and seedlings like warm and humid. The thermostat in your tent is reading 66.6 F (or 666 F) which I think is too low. The ones growing do look good. I just had a 75% germination rate with mine over the last 2 weeks, I chalked it up to being an indoor farmer in winter. Wishing you luck!

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Sorry to steal post
Really hope you’re grow goes good

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Yes thanks for noticing that, that thermometer is located next to the inlet air duct,I have the fan/charcoal filter running at low speed, thought is to get fresh air into the tent, I have another thermometer mounted on the top rail which is reading 76deg, I have an inkbird controller, I will reposition the probe so it’s at the pots height.

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