Very first time growing.. please put my mind at ease

So this is my very first time growing… after trying to germinate 4 seeds, one unfortunately didn’t make it right out the gate… so I planted the other three, and after a week decided I would try to germinate another to take the place of the 4th… I don’t think that ones doing to well either since it hasn’t broken soil yet after being planted 2-3 days ago with a nice tap root showing… but that’s a different topic…anyway! I have an issue with a couple of the seedlings that I’m hoping is caused by being new to this and hopefully easily fixed. Up until yesterday I had been spraying down the soil lightly when I wake up in the morning, before it’s dark time and then 12 hours later after I get home and it’s dark time is over. Well, one of the last times I sprayed them down I noticed a couple water droplets on their leaves but never thought anything of it and just left them there. But when I came back to check on them the next morning they look like this. Can anyone tell me what the deal is? Is this blistering from light being magnified through the water? Is this wind burn? I have no idea what is going on and I don’t want to kill a grow only a couple weeks in from being an amateur.

Also, are these plants really small for growing almost 2 weeks now? What am I doing wrong??

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Hello, welcome to the community! What kind of dirt are you in? What kind of water are you giving, tap? Have you tested the pH and ppm of the same? Is their any moisture down in the soil or are you just misting the top?

Do you have these on a 12/12 light schedule? My seedlings get 24 hours of light for several weeks until they’re really starting to veg up.

Also, do you have them under a dome or something to maintain higher humidity?

And welcome to the community!

For the soil I’m using that ocean forest medium with no extra added stuff to it, just right out of the bag. I do check ph of the water I’m using to water them. I let it sit out for a while before I balance it because I’m not entirely sure how much chlorine is in our cities water because I just bought a new house a few months ago. I do not have any way to check PPM of any sort. I have them on a light schedule of 18/6, the 6 hours off during the middle of the day when I’m at work. Figured that would be best so I could open the tent whenever I wanted any time I’m home and not have to worry about their sleep. When I water at first I would only spray the top soil to get it moist (just something I saw in a few videos of people just using a spray bottle to mist the top). BUT I recently started watering a liiiittle more since they broke soil and are onto their 2nd set of leaves after their cotyledon(sp?) leaves. So what’s throwing me is the first couple days of me watering more everything seemed fine and they seemed to like it… my process is spray down the outside edge of the container a good amount and then a light misting around the actual base of the plant really quick (read and heard that this is a good process because it encourages roots to spread out towards the edge of the pots in search of water instead of being sat in them or growing straight down.) I usually water until I can dig about 2 inches down about 30 minutes after watering and it be damp. I don’t think I’ve ever even had the thought that I was over watering, but I have thought a few times that I may be under watering because of how slow their growth is for being 2-3 weeks above soil now. so one of the last times I watered I was kinda in a hurry and sprayed over the tops of the plants instead of around them under their leaves, and I noticed a few water droplets left on their leaves but never thought anything of it and left it alone. And when I came back it looked like some of the leaves were ‘blistered’ and wrinkled and kinda twisting now… I’m not sure if it’s from the water on the leaves magnifying the light and damaging them? One thing I JUST noticed today though, is that it appears that the only leaves that are being effected are ones that now just barely peak over the lip of the container theyre planted in at the moment… is it possible this has anything to do with air movement?

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Does not look like lensing from water droplet damage to me. I thought the leaf twist maybe ph. I’d say the dark wrinkle look would be the ocean forest being a bit too hot. I’m not seeing wind damage. I would give then a nice circular watering around the edges of the plant next watering. I wonder if the dirt down where the tap root is trying to go is bone dry? I water my plants by spray for the first week or two as well. But I also water the pot some before I put the seed in. And significant amounts of water being poured in by three weeks.

So I have them on a 18/6 light schedule because I’ve read that was the way to go, and I have a spider farmer sf4000 in my 5x5 and the booklet recommended the same. I just happened to put those 6 hours right in the middle of my work day so when I’m home I don’t have to worry about interrupting their sleep. No dome or anything. I guess just because I read that if you aren’t going to transplant them from a little cup to a bigger pot or something you don’t need to? Could totally be wrong about that too, I did have the thought of covering them with some sort of some too anyway because humidity in the tent seems to only ever get to 40% at 75degrees.
Also I appreciate it! Glad to be here, everyone seems to be incredibly helpful so far!

So does anything I’ve mentioned seem out of the ordinary? Is there anything you’d do differently? The first time I watered extra to see what would happen seemed to make them really happy, noticed actual growth again,(could be my imagination because the second set of leaves were just forming and then were just there over night nice end big) and then the second or third watering this happens…I just want to catch what I’m doing wrong right away so I don’t kill these babies on accident…

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I wouldn’t start in ocean forest. Works out for some but I read others having issues without amount of nutrients in it for seedlings. Everything else sounds reasonable. Watering is something one has to figure out based on medium and pot size. Learning by pot weight is best IMO. That your thinking about it though and obviously have read some means you’ll get there with practice. I like starting in three or five gallon pots. It’s how I learned. Many however advise starting in solo cups because its easier to not over / under water.

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I appreciate all the advice! I had heard that this was a really solid medium to use, and target happened to have a deal on it and shipped it right to my house for free lol. Do you have any recommendation for medium to start seedlings in, I have them started in 1 gallon containers at the moment.

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If you wanted to stick with fox farms they have a seedling version and a middle ground called happy frog. Some people layer happy frog on top for the seedling then bottom half of the pot ocean forest for then to grow into. I’m about to post in my new journal it outlines how I start and what I use, I’ll tag you.


I will definitely have to give that a shot! Because not only is this issues going on that might be causing this damage, I have also had 2 out of 6 seeds fail to germinate and sprout now…